Canada Games Flag to be Raised During Ceremony in Kamloops

Kamloops, B.C. – A flag-raising ceremony will be held on Thursday, December 9th, 2010 at 11:30 am at the Tournament Capital Centre in honour of the Canada Games being held in Halifax. The Mayor will be conducting the ceremony as part of a nation-wide celebration of the Canada Games.

The Canada Games come to the province every 24 years. New Westminster was the first city to host the Games, Kamloops was second, and Prince George will be the third in 2015. In 1989, the 1993 Canada Summer Games were awarded to the City of Kamloops. The Games were organized by the Kamloops 1993 Canada Summer Games Host Society of which Vic Poleschuk was President. The 1993 Games had over 4,000 athletes competing in 18 sports and the support of 4,000 volunteers. Some of the significant legacies of the 1993 Games include:

  •  the Canada Games Aquatics Centre,
  • the Canada Games Tennis Centre,
  • Shumway Lake Paddling Centre,
  • the Canada Games Sailing Center at Nicola Lake,
  • the Kamloops Rugby Club,
  • the Canada Games Baseball Field,
  • Hillside Stadium,
  • Kamloopa Centre (not currently operating),
  • Charles Anderson Stadium at Exhibition Park, and
  • Cottonwood Park.

The flag is travelling across the country, visiting all previous host communities as part of a nation-wide flag celebration, before heading back to Halifax in February of 2011 for the 2011 Games. This celebration seeks to join all of the past twenty host communities by re-living and celebrating fond Canada Games memories and fostering community spirit.

“Hosting the 1993 Canada Summer Games was a milestone for Kamloops. Canada’s Tournament Capital would not have the facilities and legacies it has today if not for the Games. We are proud to have the flag here again in Kamloops,” said Mayor Peter Milobar.

Kamloops is sharing in the celebration of the legacy and heritage of the Canada Games by flying the flag at TCC for three days.


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