Saint John Flag Raising Ceremony

The official Canada Games Flag made its way to Atlantic Canada with its first stop in Saint John, New Brunswick, host of the 1985 Canada Summer Games.  The flag was raised at City Hall during a special ceremony where Mayor Ivan Court gave these words:

“On behalf of Common Council, I am pleased to raise this flag in recognition of the 2011 Canada Winter Games to be held in February in Halifax. This flag has been making stops in cities and towns across Canada, who hosted the Canada Games.

Twenty six years ago Saint John hosted the 1985 Canada Summer Games. The event coincided with the City’s 200th birthday. The games left a legacy in this community that is still very apparent. The Canada Games Aquatic Centre has become the centre of aquatic sports in the province. In partnership with the federal and provincial governments, the City has recently upgraded the Canada Games Stadium.

Most importantly, these facilities have enabled the City to train and develop athletes to a national level. As well, we have been able to host provincial and national events. As well, the games enabled the City to develop a volunteer infrastructure.

People in Saint John are still very proud of what we achieved as a City.

We wish Halifax every success in their games. And I wish all of the athletes representing Saint John and New Brunswick every success in their endeavours”

Saint John Mayor Ivan Court (right) and Monica Hitchcock of the Team New Brunswick Mission Staff raise the Canada Games Flag at City Hall



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