“Play Hard, Play to Win”

Hello Everyone !

My name is Ronnie McPhee and I’m from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. I’ll be representing Team PEI in the sport of wheelchair basketball. I have been playing since 2007, and have loved every second of it. And, I give thanks to my older brother to introducing me to the sport. Our team gets most of our playing times in at monthly tournaments around the Maritimes. Including, playing against the New Brunswick and Nova Scotia Canada Games teams. But, we got our first glimpse of the rest of Canada at Junior Nationals in April 2010. We got to play against Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan, as well as our friends in New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. The buzz around Montreal that weekend was that PEI and NS had the best game of the tournament, going into double overtime. PEI got the W on the exchange. We finished with a 3-3 record. There was a bunch of talent that we got to see on all teams, which makes me believe that the games next week will bare witness to the best basketball anyone could ask for.

The 2011 Canada Games’ motto is ‘What will you bring?’ Team PEI is bringing a young talented team into Halifax. Co-Captain Jeremy MacDonald has played this sport for close to 10 years now, and he brings his wisdom into every gym we enter, and does not hesitate sharing it with the younger players on the team. Jeremy Koughan, our point guard, is an all-around athlete and will use it to our advantage. Adam Loo will bring his leadership in to Halifax as Co-Captain. He is an all around player, and was named JR. National All-star back in April of last year. Joel and Jeremy Watts, our resident twins, they will both bring speed, endurance, and the love of this sport, as well as knowledge they have recently learned from being invited to a Junior National team camp. Also, the newest member of our squad is Kevin McLeod. He will be bringing his height, and his skills inside the paint. He also was on Team PEI for stand-up basketball at the last summer Canada Games. Add myself, and our coach, Stephen Farquharson along side manager Emily Farquharson to the mix, and there we have Team PEI.

Our goals for the up and coming Games are simple, play hard, and play to win. There is no quit in our team. More heart then you could ever imagine. We are striving to become best in the Maritimes, and who knows, someday we can be recognized as the best in Canada. There is only one way to find out, at this years 2011 Canada Winter Games,

Thank you for reading, and you will be hearing from me again soon!



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