Wheelchair’s Able-Bodied Contribution

Hello everyone,
My name is Jaime Lammerding from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I am currently a third year English student at the University of Saskatchewan with hopes to go on to journalism school. I am attending the 2011 Canada Games as an athlete in wheelchair basketball and I have been playing for four years. I also attended the 2007 Canada Games in Whitehorse for wheelchair basketball in only my first year of playing.

What might surprise you to know about me is that I am an able-bodied athlete playing wheelchair basketball, meaning I do not require a chair unless I’m on the court. There are actually three able-bodied players on my team. Wheelchair basketball uses a point system, ranging from 0.5 to 4.5 to classify players and teams are only allowed a 15 points total on the floor at a time. Players are classified as different points based on their body functionality; the less body function a player has, the lower their points. Able-bodied, unclassifiable players, like myself, are only allowed to play at a provincial level (ex: for Saskatchewan at the Canada Games), however classifiable athletes can compete at the national level for Team Canada. Currently Canada has a men’s and women’s national team as well as a junior and women’s under-25 team.
At the games this year, myself as well as my team would like to earn a medal, any medal. Off the court I would like to collect a pin from every province, get to know some of my fellow athletes and get a picture with Theodore the Tugboat, one of CBC’s morning kid shows.


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