Soaking in the atmosphere

Hey Canada,

This is my first blog from Halifax! I have been here two days, one night and im having blast already. I feel like royalty with the way we have been treated so far, and we have not been in competition yet! We met in the Charlottetown Mall Parking lot and the first week athletes got everything together and ready to go. You could feel the excitement. When we arrived at our Hotel we were welcomed by the staff at the Delta. In the middle of the room were many bags of potatoes, giving athletes village a home-like-feel. I tell you, it worked. Team PEI piled into the lobby waiting for the key to there home away from home. We were surprised with a kit-bag with a head band, lip balm , and other touristy things. Then we headed to the heart of athletes village: The dining area. The room was huge! We got a bite to eat and toured around.

This morning athletes got to get some practice time in to get used to their venues. The high school is great. I cant wait to get to play in it. But, the part of the day I was looking most forward too was the Opening Ceremonies. They were unbelievable! With coverage provided by BellAliant and TSN2 I can’t imagine how many people got to witness it. But I dont think the internet or TV could compare to what it was like being there- front row. They were more then I expected. The musical performances were amazing. The whole thing was incredible. Nova Scotia sure knows how to throw a party. Canada Games 2011 from Halifax, NS starts tonight! I can not believe it is here already. It feels like it was just yesterday I was counting down from 100.

We also got our pins today to trade. My goal is to get as many pins from different provinces as I can. Well, I guess that is the point!

Sunday I start my competition at one, so hopefully you will be hearing from me then!



2 Responses

  1. Hey hope you have a great time. Good luck tomorrow

  2. Good Luck Team PEI. Have fun and try to stay out of trouble.

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