Day 2 of Squash Competition at the Tower

The morni ng session at the Tower in Halifax was a bit quieter than day one as the morning session featured only two encounters. In the first encounter Ontario improved their overall record to 3-0 in pool A with a 4-0 win over Northwest Territories.  Devin Hinchey sat out the morning encounter against Michael McCue in order to threat an injury but was available for the evening session against Nova Scotia.  Online streaming of the squash competition started on the all glass court today featuring Saskatchewan and Yukon, Saskatchewan took home the 4-0 win and improved to a 1-2 record in pool B.

 The second morning session featured girls encounter in front of capacity crowd on court 2, 3 and 4 while the all glass court was packed and very loud involving the Atlantic province of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.  In the end, Nova Scotia defeated Prince Edward Island 3-1 for bragging right between the Atlantic Provinces and improved to a 1-1 record.  Second seed British Columbia improved to a 2-0 record in pool B with a 4-0 victory over Yukon. Quebec and Saskatchewan were treated to  a bit of camera time as RDS was on hand for the match; fourteen years old Chloe Chemtob started Quebec on the right foot and the team was able to build momentum of that win to claim that match 4-0. In the last girl session, Manitoba and Northwest Territories  were held to a draw as no winner could  be determine as team finished tied 2-2. Alix Younger of Manitoba had to sit out her encounter at the number one position with an injury and may be available to play tomorrow.

The evening session saw the boys take to the court and featured some very good matches.  In the Nova Scotia and Northwest Territories match the crowd was treated to some very good squash between both teams and specifically Chad Hinchey (NWT) and Matthew Sharpe (NS). Hinchey and Northwest Territories came out on top 4-0. In the next encounter, British Columbia faced Yukon and came up with a 4-0 victory to improve to a 3-0 record in Pool B.  Quebec also won their match against PEI to improve to a 2-0 record in Pool A and will face both Nova Scotia and Ontario on the last day of round robin play.  In the final boys encounter Alberta and Manitoba battled it out in some close matches with Alberta coming on top 3-1 to improve to a 3-0 record in Pool B.  Alberta and British Columbia will be playing each other tomorrow to determine who will finish atop of Pool B. 

In the final session of Day 2, third seed Alberta defeated Northwest Territories 4-0 to improve their record to 3-0 in pool B. In the second match top seed Ontario defeated Nova Scotia and bring their record in pool A to 2-0. In the final match of the day Quebec was faced with the task of taking on Prince Edward Island and their rowdy crowd. The match between the two was a very close battle with Quebec getting the upper hand with a 4-0 victory to improve to a 3-0 record in Pool A.

Be sure to follow the squash competition on the all glass court through webcast starting  at the following address: www. In order to access the webcast schedule please click here

Results: To view the official Halifax 2011 Canada Winter Games results, click here


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