Fierce Competition and Making New Friends

Hello all,

Time now for my next thrilling athlete blog. We’ve gotten in to our competition now and on Sunday we lost 74-34 to Quebec. Quebec is a tough team, that has lots of players who have been playing together for a long time. They have speed, lots and lots of speed, and height. Quebec is also the number one ranked team in Canada right now after winning the Canadian Junior national tournament in Montreal last April.

On Monday we rebounded to defeat New Brunswick 71-38. It was close in the first quarter, but after we got warmed up we started to pull away. We played very good defense forcing New Brunswick into over 30 turnovers. There were lots of local fans at our game, even sitting directly behind our bench, but after some sweet talking and some high fives I think they were converted to Saskatchewan fans.

Our games continue on Tuesday when we face Alberta in the morning and B.C. in the evening. Both games should be good games to watch so stop by Citadel High if you have time.

That’s it for all of my on court experiences as for off court I’ve already completed my three goals! I got to see Theodore the Tugboat on Saturday, I completed my pin collection of getting one from every province, on Sunday (thanks to some free donations!) and I’ve gotten to know some of the other athletes here. Although, I hope as the week goes on I get to interact with even more athletes!
Jaime Lammerding


One Response

  1. Hey Jaime!

    Congrat’s on the games… loving the blog too.

    Keep it up:)


    your cousin from ONT.


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