Nova Scotia Remains Undefeated in Pool A at End of Draw 4

Halifax, NS – Emily Dwyer and her rink from Nova Scotia took 7 ends to defeat Northwest Territories 7-3.  Nova Scotia scored 2 in the 6th and stole another 2 in the 7th to take a 7-3 lead and capture the win.  In other games, British Columbia continued on their winning ways, defeating Mantitoba 6-4.  The win keeps BC tied with NS with a 3-0 record.  New Brunswick took 2 in the 8th end to force the extra end against Saskatchewan.  Saskatchewan with the hammer scored a single point in the extra and captured the their first game.

Standings after Draw 4:

Pool A

British Columbia 3-0

Nova Scotia 3-0

New Brunswick 1-2

Northwest Territories 1-2

Saskatchewan 1-2

Manitoba 0-3

Pool B

Alberta 2-0

Ontario 2-0

 Newfoundland Labrador 1-1

Yukon 1-1

Prince Edward Island 0-2

Quebec 0-2

The schedule for the next couple of draws:

Tuesday, February 15th – 10:30 am

Sheet B – Manitoba vs Nova Scotia

Sheet C – British Columbia vs New Brunswick

Sheet D – Northwest Territories vs Saskatchewan

Tuesday, February 15th – 2:30 pm

Sheet A – Prince Edward Island vs Alberta

Sheet C – Newfoundland Labrador vs Yukon

Sheet D – Quebec vs Ontario


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