Alberta sits on top of Pool B in women’s curling

Halifax, NS – It took Alberta 6 ends to defeat Newfoundland Labrador by a score of 9-2 to move to a record of 4-0.  Newfoundland dropped to a 1-3 record.  During the game, the mate from Newfoundland left the game with a knee injury.  Alicia Brine from the spare pool was brought into the game.  It is unclear if the Chloe Deaves will return and play the final round robin game.

In other play, Ontario received their first loss at the hands of Team Yukon.  Yukon scored 2 in the 5th end and then stole 2 in the 6th to move ahead by a score of 4-1.  Down three playing the 7th with the hammer, Team Ontario was only able to score a single point taking the score to 4-2.  Yukon with the hammer in the last end scored the single and secured the win 5-2.  The win for Yukon brought them to 3-1 record and even with Ontario tied for the 2nd spot in the pool.

In the final game of the morning, Prince Edward Island got their first win of the Games.  It took them them an extra end to defeat Quebec 8-6.  Quebec loss drops them to 0-4 and PEI now sits at 1-3.

The final round of the round robin play for Pool B takes place at 7:30 tonight.  Ontario (3-1) will play Alberta (4-0), Yukon (3-1) will face Quebec (0-4) and Newfoundland Labrador (1-3) will play Prince Edward Island (1-3).


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