Ontario continues to dominate in women’s gymnastics

The top eight finishers in the women's individual all-around, including the three medal winners from Ontario, pose with Anni and Sammi at the Canada Games Centre

The women’s gymnasts from Ontario continued their domination tonight at the Canada Games Centre in front of a sellout crowd.   A total of 36 gymnasts were selected according to the results of the team competition to battle it out for the coveted title of All-Around champion.

Everyone was focused on the leader group which was comprised of 9 gymnasts, of which 6 were from Ontario (Elise Bolger, Silvia Colussi-Pelaez, Mikaela Gerber, Sabrina Gill, Jordyn Pedersen and Krishna Yemany) and 3 were from BC (Shallon Olsen, Taylor Ricci, Briannah Tsang).

The group began the evening on Vault.  Briannah Tsang took the lead after the first rotation as she successfully landed a Yurchenko Layout Double Full that was rewarded with a score of 14.4.  She currently is the only Canadian female gymnast to be performing this world class vault.  Closely behind her were Mikaela Gerber and Silvia Colussi-Pelaez.

In the second rotation, Tsang suffered an unfortunate fall on her uneven bars dismount, which took her out of contention for a medal.  The highest score of the evening on the apparatus came from Krishna Yemany with 13.9, which propelled her into the lead at the half way point. 

The balance beam proved to be a crucial event, and Ontario demonstrated once again that they owned the apparatus.  Colussi-Pelaez, who qualified in third for this evening’s competition, led off and performed a beautifully executed routine that earned her 13.9 points.  This was good enough to put her in the lead after the third rotation.  A mere 0.4 points behind was Sabrina Gill, who once again earned the top balance beam score of the night with 14.6 points.  Gill had scored an impressive 15.2 during the team competition.

With all the pressure on for the final rotation on floor exercise, the Ontario girls continued their flawless performances.  Mikaela Geber nicely recovered from a fall on balance beam to score the high of 14.8 points on the floor.   This was good enough to earn her the bronze medal with a total score of 54.85.  Gill and Colussi-Peleaz finished in an unusual tie for first with total score of 55.1, to complete the podium sweep for Ontario. 

Teammates at Oakville Gymnastics Club, Gill and Colussi-Pelaez were very happy to share the gold medal: “I couldn’t have asked for a better person to tie with.  We spend most of our lives together and it makes it very special” said Gill.

Ontario also obtained the fourth place finish with Jordyn Pedersen.  10 year old Shallon Olsen from BC finished 5th, 0.4 points from the podium.  Quebec’s Vivi Babalis was 6th, followed by Tsang and Yemany rounding up the top 8.

Tomorrow is the men’s turn to compete for the All-Around crown.  Simon Porter of Ontario is favored to win but tough competition is expected to come from Quebec’s Mathieu Csukassy and BC’s Zachary Clay.  The competition will begin at 18:00.


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