Come and see some Wheelchair Basketball at Citadel

Hi Canada!

First off, I’d like to thank BellAliant for such great coverage of the games! My family at home have watched everyone of our games! Its amazing.

It’s Thursday today. We leave in three days, which is kind of a bummer. But it has been fun since the day we arrived. On Monday we played and defeated Manitoba by 17, and lost to Ontario by 17. A great showing by PEI. We have always been the underdog, and frankly, always will. Then we went into the game to win Against home province Nova Scotia. What a game. The gym was full of Blue and White, and even Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter was in attendance. This was the biggest game for PEI. If we were to win that game, it meant that we would be in the medal rounds, but, if we lost we still had a chance because there would be a three-way tie between PEI, NS, and Manitoba. We lost the game, it was a tough loss. And if that was not bad enough, we were out of the medal rounds by a handful of points. Manitoba moved on, and Team PEI wishes them the best of luck. We had placement games yesterday and one final one today. We took down BC in a close call 50-48 decision. And then against our good friends in New Brunswick , we took that game 59- 28. That brings us to today’s bout against Alberta. PEI is looking for a finish at the 5th spot, the highest our province ever achieved.

Today also is he gold and bronze medal games. Quebec is looking to take down Ontario for the gold, and Manitoba is looking take the bronze away from Saskatchewan.

Wheelchair Basketball is an amazing sport to play, and just as fun to watch. Come out to the Citadel to check out the last day of games!

You will be hearing from me soon again,



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