Final Day in Freestyle Sees Dual Mogul Battles

Well the weather wasn’t great (but three out of four really ain’t bad) but the competition was awesome. 

In our time here we have experienced a ton of snow, ridiculous winds, cold temperatures, beautiful blue bird sky sunshine, more snow, freezing rain and rain, and probably a couple of cats and dogs thrown in the mix.  But it’s all good!  

Today was our Finale – Dual Moguls Day and, as expected, as we got closer to the end of the event and closer to the podium the athletes kept flying higher and faster with each and every run they went in. 

On the Women’s side BC’s Andi Naude got her second gold medal of the Games after having won the Single Moguls the day before.  Andi was strong consistent from the beginning of the event she actually seemed to get her biggest challenge in her duel with team mate Yuki Tsubota.  The final round had her lined up against Quebec’s Myriam Leclerc.  Andi was taking no prisoners and just flew out the gate; Myriam put up a valiant fight but she had a bit of a stumble in the middle of the course which threw her across the mid line control gates – for which she received no score for her run. 

The Women’s bronze medal round was another BC vs. Quebec fight but this time QC vanquished with Katrine Bazinet narrowly beating out Yuki Tsubota. 

On the Men’s side there was some interesting drama in the Quarter final when Hugo Blanchette and Kerrian Chunlaud (both from Quebec) had a seldom seen dead heat in terms of their differential time (the time between the first and second athlete crossing the finish line – in this case there was no difference!)  And the crowd went nuts for both this and the fact that it took about 18 seconds for both of them to go from top to bottom (a full second faster than the fastest recorded time in Single Moguls). 

The Final worked its way down to Quebec’s (Single Mogul Gold Medalist) Simon Lemieux and Ontario’s Zac Hoffman.  Their run had them going so fast that their clothes were starting to come off in the slipstream, and after some amazing turns and just crazy airs later Simon mirrored Andi Naude’s acheivement and came away with his second gold medal of the Games.  The bronze medal round featured Hugo Blanchette and Alberta’s Austin Hunter for a very tight duel that found Hugo on the podium. 

It was a GREATevent that seemed to be enjoyed by all who witnessed it. 


1) Andi Naude,  BC
2) Myriam Leclerc, QC
3) Katrine Bazinet, NS 

1) Simon Lemieux, QC
2) Zac Hoffman, ON
3) Hugo Blanchette, QC  

And that’s it for us! 

The Organizing Crew and the Canadian Freestyle Ski Association wish to thank the Wilson family and all those at Wentworth, and everyone in Nova Scotia Freestyle who helped us put on a great show for the teams, specatators and sponsors.  Wentworth and Nova Scotia now have some great legacy sites and equipment and we all look forward to seeing the next generation of great athletes coming out of the Maritimes. 

We would also like to thank the Canada Games Council and the Host Society of the Halifax 2011 Canada Winter Games and all of their partners, sponsors and suppliers for their belief in us, we hope we did you proud and we wish you all the best for Week 2. 

See you in Prince George, B.C. in 2015!!


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