Ontario wins Bronze Medal, Nova Scotia finishes 4th in women’s curling

Halifax, NS –  Both teams headed into today’s bronze medal game with 4-2 records and only one would walk away with a medal.  Ontario opened the scoring with a single point in the 1st end.  Nova Scotia had a chance for 2 points but had to settle for 1 in the 3rd, when NS skip Emily Dwyer’s rolled out on a hit attempt.  Ontario rebounded with another single in the 3rd end.  In the 4th, once again NS had an opportunity for 2 points but could only score a single.  Dwyer once again rolled out on an open hit. 

The score going into the break was tied 2-2. 

After the 4th end break, all scoring was done by the team from Ontario.  They scored 2 in the 5th, stole singles in the next two ends, increasing their lead to 6-2.  Down 4 playing the 8th, Nova Scotia was run out of rocks and Ontario secured the victory and the medal.

The gold medal game will be played at 7:30 p.m. tonight and features British Columbia vs Alberta.


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