Target Shooting Competitions Come to an End

From left, Emma Meulankamp of Newfoundland and Labrador, Danielle Marcotte of Yukon and Caroline Sims of Manitoba pose with their medal in women's individual air pistol at the 2011 Canada Games in Halifax

The men’s and women’s air pistol individual matches provided a lot of excitement, especially during the finals.

Qualifying rounds revealed the 8 competitors with the highest scores (male and female events). The purpose of the finals is to determine the three medal winners.

As part of the finals, each athlete shoots at ten targets. Athletes must wait for the signal from the Chief of Range. They have 75 seconds to take one shot. After each round of shots, the targets of all the shooters are collected and points are counted immediately. This goes on until all 10 shots have been fired. Results are announced and visible on the scoreboard. The crowd went wild every time a score was over ten points!

Dave Garrett was the Chief of Range and Harvey Lavigne acted as jury member.

After a heated battle (in the final), Danielle Marcotte from the Yukon team won the gold medal with a grand total of  466.2, followed by Emma Meulankamp of Newfoundland and Labrador with a score of 459.0. Caroline Sims from Manitoba won the bronze medal with a total of 455.6. Marcotte and Meulankamp beat the Canada Games record in the individual event while Sims tied the old record. The new record is now 372.0 points (calculated before the final). Marcotte also beat the finals record (now 466.2).


Francis Le Sieur of Quebec: Gold medal – 646.7

Jordan Akow of Ontario: Silver – 643.4

Peter Schulze of Alberta: Bronze – 642.1

No tie-breakers were required during today’s event.

The athletes, coaches, and event officials wish to thank all the Sackville High School volunteers for the monumental assistance they provided this week to ensure the success of the target shooting event. Let us not forget the volunteer drivers who always got us to the site on time.

Thank you very much for the great games. The athletes and all the other contributors are going home to their province or territory with excellent memories including some who are wearing medals around their neck.

You are all invited to Quebec for the summer of 2013 Canada Games!


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