Thank You for a Great Experience

Hello for the final time my loyal readers! This will sadly be my last blog from the Canada Games. I had a fantastic time here, the atmosphere is great and I’ve met a ton of friendly people.

Saskatchewan had tons of success on the court as we won bronze on Thursday after defeating Manitoba 58 to 56. It was one of the closest games I’ve ever experienced in my life and believe me I’ve experienced quite a lot of games in a variety of different sports. It really came down to free throw shots and I’m thankful now more than ever that our coach made us do so many free throws during practice. You may think that some of the drills you do are not as important as others, but believe me everything counts towards your goal, no matter what you do. Finishing off my on court experiences I would like to thank my team mates, my coaches, my parents and all the other parents and the supporters. I would also like to thank the people who were unable to come, because of injury or otherwise, you ALL contributed.

As for my off court experiences I would like to thank all of the volunteers; from the people driving me around to the various venues to the people doing security in the hotel. I don’t know if you get thanked enough, but to all the volunteers: THANK-YOU!!!!
For my final contribution I thought I’d leave you with a poem. The Team Sask Council wanted each team to come up with a poem of 4-6 lines about what you would bring to the Canada Games. Nothing ever came of it, but here is the poem my team and I wrote.
Bring a laugh, Bring a cheer
Bring whatever you hold dear.
Bring your skates, Bring your wheels
Bring some moves for the highlight reels.
Bring yourself, Bring your team
But most importantly, Bring a DREAM!!!!
Jaime Lammerding


2 Responses

  1. That poem brought tears to my eyes. Great blog kid. Yes it really does take a village, (lots of people), to put on an event like the Canada Winter Games. Thanks to all who contributed and congratulations again to your team for the medal! love Mom

  2. Dear Jamie – Congratutions for your achievement ! We are very proud of you. Apologies we didn’t write anything earlier, because Anna had to help us find your blog!

    Love Oma & Opa

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