Sport “icing on the cake” at Canada Games

Hey Canada, today was my last in Halifax. It was a busy morning so I did not have time to get this done! I got home around 7PM tonight, and it is sure good to be home. The past week has been amazing, overwhelming, exciting, eventful, magical, fun, and the list goes on. It was full of young athletes competing against the best to be the best. I feel now that as this week is over the the sport is icing on the cake of the whole Canada Games experience. I love my sport, don’t get me wrong but everything off the court was just as fun/exciting/ect as on the court. I met loads of new people, reunited with old friends, made new friends all the while representing my province.

It is SO amazing to look up in the stands and seeing your province cheering you on. When we usually play our month-to-month tournaments we are lucky to have 10 people in the crowd, but at the games there were hundreds in attendance! It is a feeling like no other when you see your home province colors there chanting and cheering for you. 

Some points or tips for week-two athletes-

Thank the volunteers- They are everywhere, they will help you get around, show you where to go and cheer you on, its amazing!
Get to know people- There are a bunch of nice people out there, and sometimes you will need a break from your fellow teammates!
Take advantage of the village- There are many fun and exciting things for you to do. Big screen TVs, video games, movies, dances, concerts, and more!
Play hard- This is the biggest stage a lot of  the athletes will get to participate on, so do your best, and leave your mark.

I wish the best of luck to all the week two athletes! I’ve been home for less then 3 hours, and I miss it already. This was one of the best times in my life. Tomorrow marks the day I count down to the 2015 Canada Winter Games in British Columbia.

Go PEI Go.

Thank you all!

One last time,

Ronnie McPhee
Wheelchair Basketball
Team PEI


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