Archers begin Practice

Sunday, Feb. 20, 2011- Archers began arriving at Sackville High School, the venue for the Canada Games Archery Competition this morning.  For most of the competitors, this is the opportunity to check that their equipment survived the trip from home intact and ready to shoot.  It is also a chance to `get down to business  and dust off any cobwebs that may have formed during the long journey to Halifax.

Teams from Manitoba, Quebec, Saskatchewan and Alberta showed up bright and early, waiting for their opportunity to send arrows into the targets that have been set up at the outstanding venue at Sackville High School.  As soon as the Director of Shooting( the official in control of the range and the order of shooting) archers made their way to their spot.  A collective sigh of relief went through the line as archers found that their equipment was performing as expected.

In contrast, some of the athletes experienced the first indication of jitters, finding that they needed to work out some kinks in their form.

All in all, however, the excitment has already started to build in anticipation of the first competition shots flying on Tuesday morning.  Archers who have never been to an event of this level are a little starry eyed.  For those who have been to a tournament like this before, it is business as usual.

The stage is being set.


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