Let the Competition Begin

One of the most well known Canadian Figure Skaters competed at the first Canada Winter Games in 1967 – Toller Cranston. Through the years many more World and Olympic Calibre skaters have followed this same path by competing in the games. Many say that the spark starts here!  Get ready for a great week… future stars will be on the ice!

You will not want to miss todays events.  You will see reigning Pre-Novice National Champions take to the ice in Pre-Novice Dance (Jessica Jaing and Nicholas Wamsteeker – BC), Pre-Novice Men (Bennett Toman – QC) and Pre-Novice Women (Jaydea Jurome – BC).   Tomorrow’s schedule includes:

09:30   Pre-Novice Dance – Pattern Dance

11:05   Pre-Novice Men – Short Program

17:00   Pre-Novice Women – Short Program

19:40   Pre-Novice Pair – Short Program

20:25   Special Olympics Men Level 2 – Elements

20:50   Special Olympics Men Level 3 – Elements

21:15   Special Olympics Dance Women – Solo

           Special Olympics Dance Men – Solo

Champions will be decided today in Special Olymics Dance Women and Men. Figure Skating events take place Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at St. Margaret’s Centre.

Technical Element of The Day  – To perform an Axel a skater takes off from the forward outside edge of the skate, completes 1 1/2 revolutions in the air and lands on the back outside edge of the opposite foot. 

For information please visit www.canadagames2011.ca.  Start orders and skater detail information can be found on the Skate Canada website www.skatecanada.ca.


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