Training in the morning and cheering in the evening!

Team Ontario practice

Today, Team Ontario’s Judo Team went to the judo tournament venue at St. Mary’s University here in Halifax.  We met with Jayson Doll, our mission staff extraordinaire and walked to the bus stop.  The bus took us on a scenic route to St. Mary’s University where our competition will begin on Wednesday.  We passed the Citadel and drove through some beautiful residential Halifax neighbourhoods.

The competition venue is fantastic and features a great athletic centre and gym.  The team had a chance to work out some of the kinks associated with our long day of travel yesterday.  They were looking strong and confident.  Today’s training was scheduled for 12:30pm-2:00pm, after which we returned to the Village for a wonderful buffet lunch. 

We are still looking forward to the arrival of one of our team members who had some challenges getting here.  See you soon, Luke!

After a great morning of training, we are all planning to go to the Dartmouth Sportsplex to watch Ontario Women’s Hockey Team play against BC. 


Till next time,

Aartje Sheffield


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