Day of Redemption at Badminton

Two Quebec athletes, Vicky Girard and Isabelle Vézina were quarantined for 24 hours due to the fact that Vicky Girard fell ill in the village.  She had just arrived from humanitarian work in the Dominican Republic and the fact that she fell ill was cause for concern.  The quarantine resulted in Vicky Girard missing out on her opportunity to play in Women’s Singles Draw and Women’s Doubles along with her partner Isabelle Vézina. 

Isabelle lost out on her opportunity to play Doubles but did have a chance at redemption in the mixed category.  An opportunity that she took full advantage of, as 60 minutes after being released from quarantine, she was on court preparing for a match she has spent years preparing for. 

Isabelle and her partner Pierre-Etienne Pilote won their opening match by a score of 21-11 & 21-17.  Speaking to her after the match she had a chance to share her feelings on the past 24 hours.

“It was a long day, just waiting to see if I could play or not.  It was hard to just lie around and do nothing.  Last night, I called my father and just cried.  My dad was great as he was able to comfort me and make me look at this as a learning experience.   I am just so happy that I got a chance to play“

Isabelle and Pierre-Etienne have advanced to the second round of play and are scheduled to play the BC team comprised of Eric Hsu and Phyllis Chan. 


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