Embracing the Games Experience

Ontario's Judo Team at the Dartmouth Sportsplex supporting Ontario's Women's Hockey Team

The Canada Winter Games offers so much more than simply elite competition.  It offers athletes, coaches and managers the opportunity to watch other sports, take in the sights of the host city and be part of Team Ontario.  Team Ontario’s Judo Team has been doing all of those things.

On Sunday evening, a group of Judo athletes went to cheer for Team Ontario Women’s Hockey Team as they defeated BC by an astounding 4 – 1.  We attended with our “Noisy Sticks” in tow and showed our support for their fantastic effort and result. While at the game, the Judo athletes were able to chat and mingle with the Ontario Synchronized Swim Team and the Ontario Boxing Team members.  Certainly the evening has enhanced our Games experience.

Because Monday was a training day, many used their spare time to take in the sights of beautiful Halifax and browse through the many wonderful shops and buildings.  The Halifax Harbour is home to shops that specialize in pewter, crystal and, of course, souvenirs!  For those who are interested, there are also many historic sites to visit. 

In the evening, some of the judo athletes decided to go and watch the boxing matches.  A great time was had by all!

Tomorrow is also a training day, as we prepare for judo’s individual competition days on Wednesday and Thursday.  Who knows, maybe we’ll take in some Synchronized Swimming!

Till next time,

Aartje Sheffield


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