Dave Strickland: “Welcome to Sackville High School”

When the team of officials responsible for the Archery Event at the 2011 Canada Games entered Sackville High School on Monday morning-Official Practice Day- to prepare for the arrival of archers, they were greeted by a booming voice  “Welcome to Sackville High School”

That enthusiastic greeting from Dave Strickland set the tone for what turned out to be a fabulous four days at the Archery Venue of the 2011 Canada Games.

Dave is a teacher at Sackville High, and the Venue Lead for the two weeks of the Games.  During Week Two, Archery took over where Pistol and Air Rifle left off from Week One.

Dave is clearly and justifiably proud of his School, the 22 year veteran teacher is `walking the talk` as a role model. 

” Part of what I see, in the program that I teach, is that alot of young people, students, have had experience in the workforce. Many of them already have part-time have jobs, but we learn how to do resumes.  What I noticed, though, is that verry few of them do any volunteering.  So when the opportunity came up to volunteer for the Games, I wanted to use it to not only show them, but encourage them to get involved, too.` said Dave.

Part of the reason that he got involved was, as with any Games,there is the opportunity to realize a legacy, in terms of equipment, improvements to faciities, etc.

Sackville High has been able to obtain a new sound system for the gymnasium, new paint on the gym walls and some improved lighting.  All of these improvements have been to benefit the athletes, but ultimately, the students and th community will see a pay-off for their `sacrifice`of a two week break from school.

`Some of our younger staff with younger families went south, or skiing, and that`s great.  e have assembled a terrific team, and many of us will remain friends afterward,`he explained.  Not all of Venue Team is from within the school, but we wanted to amke sure they felt welcom and at home, “Dave continued. 

Clearly, everyone who has come into Sackville High School has expressed a sense of feeling welcome, even the team of officials.  When Dave and his Venue team found out that meals weren`t provided for the officials on the first two days leading up to competition, they went ahead and made sure that everyone had something to tide them over till dinner time.

The venue has met all of the expectations of the competitors and their coaches, even the temperature of the rooms which was a little dicey in the first week.  Ìt was chilly,`said Dave. “But it’s corrected now.`

There is no doubt that Dave Strickland and his team are prepared to go the extra mile for the visiting teams and volunteers from outside Nova Scotia.  During Week One, one of the volunteers was hoping to get some sand from the Bay of Fundy.  By the next day, one of the Venue Team had obtained , and presented a small cache of sand to the astonished visitor.

`We`ll do whatever we can to make the stay here a good one,`laughs Dave.



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