Qualification Round Complete-Archers set to go Head to Head

The Archery competiton of the 2011 Canada Winter Games is underway.

The Qualifying Round, based on a score out of a possible 600 toal points, is the first challenge.

In the Qualification Round, the athletes will shoot a total of 60 arrows, with the outcome seeing them ranked from first through ninth.

Once the ranking is known, the Elimination Round will follow on Wednesday.

In the Elimination Matches, archers will shoot against an opponent, with each competitor shooting a toal of 12 arrows.  Out a possible score of 120, the athlete with the highest score moves forward in the Elimination Round, and the lower scoring archer is done.

“Match Play is a different animal,” stated 2011 National Youth Team Coach Jeff Gunter says.  “It comes down to who is the best shooter, but also who can handle the pressure situation. ”

“Its also the point in which the tone of the competition changes. There may be some chatter or conversation, but overall, its similar to golf, where there is little noise in the venue.  That changes in Match play.  Cheering is encouraged, although it is hoped that while the actual shooting is taking place that the noise is subdued, but a `hush`does not necessarily fall over the crowd.“

Gunter went on to say that in spite of the pressure, most archers who have been involved in Match Play before, really enjoy the atmosphere that goes along with the pressure.

“It is kind of a prelude to the Team Round, where there is a real departure from the quieter atmosphere seen during Ranking” he said.  “Its my favourite part of the tournament, and the crowd can really become part of the event.”


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