Teaching New Brunswick kids from an Umpire`s chair in Halifax

Badminton umpire Gérald Arseneault is a passionate Physical Education teacher in the St John New Brunswick area.  He inspires kids from kindergarden to 5th grade in two separate schools, Fairvale Elementary and K. Park Elementary.

The kids in both of these schools along with others in the St John district will be watching badminton today, with a keen eye on their favourite teacher working a Semi Final match via the live Bell/Aliant streaming of Badminton.  Other schools from the St John district will also be watching him in the big chair.

When asked why, he explained that he wants to instil the spirit of these games to the school kids and help them connect to the Canada Winter Games.  His hope is that having them watch him and connecting to the Games will inspire kids to stay active in order for them to maybe one day be an athlete at Canada Games or even the Olympics. 

Many schools in the St John district are having Canada Games days and even certain classes follow specific provinces every day at school as part of their curriculum. 

Gérald Arseneault has been a certified national umpire since 2003.  He became certified for the 2003 Bathurst/Campbellton Canada Winter Games.  He is presently a Pan American certified umpire, and will be attempting to get his Badminton World Federation accreditation in May as he will be travelling to Qingdoa, China  to be evaluated and gain valuable international experience.


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