Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario lead Pool B in men’s curling

Halifax, NS – Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario are in a three way tie for first spot in pool B with 2-1 records after this mornings draw at the Mayflower Curling Club. 

Alberta and Manitoba had a close game, there was always a one or two point difference until the 7th end when Manitoba managed to score a big 3 ender.  This put Manitoba up by 2 coming home without the hammer.  However a missed hit by the Manitoba skip allowed Alberat an open draw for their duce and an extra end.  in the extra, Manitoba had to peal out an Alberta rock that was frozen and managed to score his 1 point for the win.  The loss dropped Alberta to 2-1 and took Manitoba to a 2-1 record.

Yukon and British Columbia both had some big ends during the game.  Yukon opened the game with 3 points, however British Columbia responded right back with a 3 of their own in the 2nd end.  After that it was an exchange of single points between the teams.  British Columbia then responded with another 3 points in the 6th, leading now by 2.  Yukon fought hard in the 7th to get the duce which tied the score 7-7 heading into the 8th end.  British Columbia had the hammer in the 8th and was lying 1 in the back 4 foot, Yukon drew to the top 4, leaving BC a hit for the win.  The final was 8-7 for BC.

Ontario and Newfoundland Labrador kept the game fairly close, it was always a one or two point difference.  Then in the 7th Ontario managed to score their 2 points which at taht point put them ahead by 3 going into the 8th and final end.  NL did have the hammer coming home, however they needed 3 points jut to tie.  Ontario ended up running them out of stones making the final 5-2.

Pool B Standing

Alberta 2-1

Manitoba 2-1

Ontario 2-1

British Columbia 1-2

Newfoundland Labrador 1-2

Yukon 1-2


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