Archers Complete Qualification Rounds

Recurve Archers took the stage first on Wednesday at Sackville High School for the second round of Qualifications at the Canada Games.  Compound Archers were given the opportuntity for a bit longer sleep, reversing what happened on Tuesday when they had to be up with the birds.

With two Qualifying Rounds complete  Brendan Sherridan from Alberta is atop the¸Leaderboard in Men’s Recurve.  In second is Saskatchewan archer Conner Sorley, followed by Hyungjin Lee of Ontario in third.  On Wednesday, after 60 more arrows, Sheridan maintained his position. 

`I think it was a pretty good day, not everything went exactly as planned, but I was able to make the corrections when I needed to and overall it went pretty well,` the Alberta shooter said.

Virginie Chenier of Quebec has the top position in Women`s Recurve, with Caitlyn Schleppe of Alberta in second and Ontario`s Jordan Sequillion sitting third.

In the Men`s and Women`s Compound, shot in the afternoon on Wednesday,  Ontario`s Christopher Perkins, holding onto the top position from Tuesday faced stiff competition, and was looking to hold first place in the Mens, and Quebec`s Camille Bouffard-Demers was first amongst the women.

Miicheal Kupchanko from Saskatchewan and Simon Rousseau of Quebec sit second third respectively on the Men’s Compound side of the shooting line, while Team B.C.’s Sydney Watson and Jenah Smith of Saskatchewan occupy the  second and third spots on the Women’s side.

Perkins was perfect through 8 ends, finally dropping a point on his lasrt arrow of the 9th end, and then his last arrow of the final end to finish the first half with an amazing 298 0ut a possible 300.

Perkins, although disppointed at not being able to keep the string going, was philosophical.

“Those two (shots) kind of got away on me.  It would have been nice but 298 is a good score.` he said.

In fact, the two shots that `got away“ were not terribly far out; Perkins arrow hit less than a centimetre from the centre scoring ring each time. 

Following the completion of the Qualification Round, the archers will be assigned spots on the Elimination Grid, where they will shoot head to head , with the winners of each match moving through to continue toward the Medal matches.

Elimination matches are 12 arrows, each archer shooting 3 arrows per end, with the goal of achieving as close to a perfect score of 120 as possible.

Where the Qualification Round is more of a marathon, with archers having to shoot a total of 120 arrows ovewr two days, the Elimination Round is more of a sprint.  Pressure builds with each ensuing match.  The crowd, often quiet and reserved during Qualification, is encouraged to get involved.  Cheering and chanting is allowed, in fact it is expected, even though as the archers are in the act of shooting, courtesy dictates a certain subdued decorum.  Cow bells, horns, and sininging is often a big part of Elimination Match Play.

Many archers thrive in that atmosphere and anything can and often does happen. 

 Upsets can happen and one small slip can lead to result in a loss and elimination.


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