Novice Figure Skating Competition Begins

The Novice Women – Short program

The crowd came out to cheer on the Novice Women this morning. Brianna Clarkson of Ontario is currently in first place after performing a double Axel and triple toe loop combination as part of her performance.

1. Brianna Clarkson, ON   36.82

2. Kassie Costello, NB      35.66

3. Tara Hancherow, SK     33.05

Novice Women will perform their Freeskate on Thursday at 12:40.

Novice Pair – Short program

Shalena Rau and Phelan Simpson of Ontario sit in top spot with more than a 6 point coushion ahead of the next best team.

1. Shalena Rau/Phelan Simpson, ON          41.98

2. Rebecca Marsh/Christopher Blac, AB       35.42

3. Tamara Jukiewicz/Alexander Arpin, QC   27.63

Final performances to determine the winners will be on Thursday at 12:00.

Special Olympics Women- Level 2

The Women performed a number of required elements including a one foot glide on a circle during this event preparing them for the final competition on Thursday at 14:55.

1.Lindsay Ast, SK

2. Megan Morse, ON

3. Madison Scott, MB

Special Olympics Women – Level 3

Many athletes commented on how great it was to have such support from the crowd. 

1. Carlea Wilkie-Ellis, ON

2. Tia Dolliver, NS

3. Christina MacDonald, AB

The freeskate performance takes place Thursday at 15:45.

Novice Men – Short program

The top three men held nothing back.  Drew Wolfe, AB is in top spot landing two triple jumps and a double Axel. Not far behind is Mathieu Nepton who performed the only triple loop in the competition. Thursday’s freeskate portion of the competition should prove to be a fight for top spot.

1. Drew Wolfe, AB          43.48

2. Mathieu Nepton, QC   43.20

3. Mitchell Gordon, BC    42.88

Novice Dance – Pattern Dance

1. MacKenzie Bent/Garrett MacKeen, ON   28.37

2. Madeline Edwards/Zhao Kai Pang, BC   27.59

3. Noa Bruser/Timothy Lum, BC              26.46

Expect some great free dance performances on Thursday at 19:05.

Wednesday’s Schedule

Medal will be awarded tomorrow in all Pre-Novice events as well as Special Olympics Women (Level 2 and 3) and Special Olympics Men (Level 2 and 3).

10:15  Pre-Novice Men, Freeskate

11:50  Pre-Novice Dance, Free dance

12:50  Special Olympics Men – Level 2, Freeskate

13:05  Special Olympics Men – Level 3, Freeskate

16:50  Pre-Novice Pair, Freeskate

17:35  Pre-Novice Women, Freeskate

20:10  Medal Ceremonies

For information please visit  Start orders and skater detail information can be found on the Skate Canada website


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