Chance at redemption-part 2

After 5 long days and a stint in quarantine (24 hours), Quebec’s Vicky Girard finally got her shot to compete at the 2011 Canada Winter Games.  Unfortunately, due to illness, the Women’s Doubles team was unable to play in the individual competition and is was just relieved to have another opportunity to prove herself against Canada’s best.

In her first match in the morning Tie between Quebec and Nova Scotia, Vicky Girard along with her partner Isabelle Vezina won 21-18, 21-12.  

When asked about the match, she explained: “It was very difficult as I had not played or practiced since last Friday, and I was away for the 2 weeks prior to, on vacation.  I was really looking forward to just being on court yesterday, and practicing.”

Quebec won their opening Tie versus Nova Scotia 5-0, in a one sided affaire.   The next round of Ties are scheduled for 1 PM on Thursday Afternoon.


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