Manitoba and Ontario remain on top of Pool B with 3-1 records

Halifax, NS – Manitoba and Ontario won their respective games this morning and remain on top with 3-1 records. 

Newfoundland Labrador opened the game with a single in the 1st end. Manitoba responded in the 2nd end with a single point and followed it up with a steal in the 3rd for a score of 2-1.  Newfoundland countered with a point of their own in the 4th to tie the game 2-2 heading to the break.  Manitoba scored a duce the 6th to take a 4-2 lead. NL scored a single in 7th after skip Stephen Tricket made a long raise back double for his single.  Manitoba with a 1 point lead and the hammer in the 8th end were able to secure the win with a double take out on the skips first rock.  Newfoundland Labradors’ last rock draw picked up some debris and was short of the house.  Manitoba did not have to throw their last rock.

Alberta and British Columbia kept the game very close, they were exchanging duces and the score was 2-2 after 3 ends. Alberta scored a single in the 4th and stole another single in the 5th to take a 4-2 lead.  BC had a open hit in the 6th end for 2 points.  It was executed perfectly.  The score was tied 4-4 heading into the 7th.  BC was lieing shot rock back 4 foot beind cover, Alberta attempted a come around draw but came up short and BC stole a single in the 7th to take a 5-4 lead heading into the 8th end.  In the 8th, Alberta facing a heavily buried BC rock on the 4 foot, played a double run back to pick the BC rock off the button and sending the game into an extra end. In the extra, BC had an open hit and stay for the win, however the rock didn’t curl up.  BC hit and rolled out sending the game into another extra end.  With lots of rocks in front of the rings, BC skip drew  around two guards to top button on his first rock of the end.  Alberta skip executed a angle tap to lie shot and push the BC stone to back button.  BC played a back line tap and score 2 points for the win.  The final was 7-5 for BC.

Yukon got off to a rough start and couldn’t quite battle back against Ontario. Ontario scored a single in the 2nd end, followed by  five consecutive stolen ends to increase their lead to 9-0 after 6 ends.  The gap was too big, so the team from Yukon called it a game and shook after 6.

Pool B Standing following Draw 7 (Thursday, February 24th at 10:00 a.m.)

Manitoba 3-1

Ontario 3-1

Alberta 2-2

British Columbia 2-2

Newfoundland Labrador 1-3

Yukon 1-3


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