New Brunswick and Saskatchewan will play in the medal rounds in men’s curling at the 2011 Canada Winter Games

Halifax, NS – After the final games of round robin in Pool A, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan finished with 4-1 records and advance to the medal rounds.  The two teams will not know who they play until after tonights final game for pool B.

Saskatchewan played Prince Edward Island in their final game of the round robin.  The Team from Saskatchewan came out strong with a duce in the 1st and then three consecutive steals to take the lead 5-0 heading into the 4th end break.  PEI scored their only point in the 5th.  Saskatchewan widened their lead in the 6th with another duce.  The score was 7-1 and the Islanders conceded the win. 

New Brunswick finished off their round robin play with a loss to Quebec.  Quebec came into the game with 1-3 record.  The two teams kept the game close, with each team exchanging singles.  The score after 4 ends was tied 1-1.  New Brusnwick came out strong in the 5th and scored 2 points.  Quebec countered with 3 in the 6th.  NB came back with 2 in the 7th, and the lead 5-4 heading into the final end.  Quebec had the hammer in the 8th, they capitalized and scored their duce for the win. 

It took Nova Scotia an extra end to defeat the Northwest Territories.  Nova Scotia lead 4-2 after the 6th end.  Northwest Territories scored a single in the 7th and stole another point in the 8th after a missed hit opportunity on the final stone for Nova Scotia.  In the extra it look as if the Territories would force Nova Scotia to make a tough shot for the win.  NWT was sitting on top of the 4 foot, skip David Aho was playing a guard.  He was light and the rock was hogged.  Nova Scotia made the open hit in the extra for the win. 

Final Standing following Round Robin – Pool A

New Brunswick 4-1

Saskatchewan 4-1

Nova Scotia 3-2

Quebec 2-3

Northwest Territories 1-4

Prince Edward Island 1-4


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