Ontario`s Perkins smashes records in Archery

Christopher Perkins, an 18 year old archer representing Ontario at the 2011 Canada Games has set a new Canadian record for Junior Men`s Compound.    Perkins shot an amazing 595 out of a possible 600, a score that is also a Canada Games record on Wednesday.  The Archery Event is being held at Sackville High School. 

After two days of qualification rounds, Perkins sits atop the Men`s  Compound Division, with a total of 1185 out of 1200 possible points. 

During the first 30 arrow round of the second day,s shooting, Perkins remained perfect, or what the archers refer to as ” clean” ,  finally missing by a hair on the third arrow of the ninth end.   He dropped another point on his last arrow of the final end of that round to score an outrstanding 298 out 300. 

Many in the crowd of spectators were pulling for him.  Even supporters of other teams watched the huge projection screens when the running scores were showing his progress.  The string of 30s (the total score achievable in each end) continued, and much like a baseball crowd watching a pitcher close in on a no-hitter, the collective breath was held, each time Chris loosed an arrow.

The relief of those watching was palpable, each time the projectile slammed into the very centre of the target, a ring about the size of a dime, 18 metres away. 

Finally, on the last arrow of the ninth end, perfection slipped away, but excellence remained.  By the end of shooting, a new record was posted.

Afterward, Perkins was pleased but also keeping his feet on the ground.

“It was a good day, no question.  But, anything can still happen and tommorrow is the next thing on the list.  Eliminations start and I need to continuew to shoot well.  There are a lot of good shooters here. ” he said, with typical understatement.

Maybe so, but only one holds that new Canadian Record,  Mr. Perkins.


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