Table Tennis’ Legacy at the 2011 Halifax Canada Games

Every sport participating at the 2011 Halifax Canada Games is left with a legacy.  For table tennis, that legacy is the equipment, valued at $20,000, which will be used at the Halifax Mainland Commons.  The equipment is 14 brand new tables and surrounds.

A local group of volunteers will manage the club.  The Halifax Mainland Common Table Tennis Club (HMCTTC) will start on Monday, March 14th and will be open from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. every Monday after that until June 27th. 

Clayton Park, where the Halifax Mainland Commons is located, is a diverse community so the club is hoping to attract many new members.  In addition, this gives the Nova Scotia Table Tennis Association elite training opportunities for able body and paralympic athletes and host national and international events.

Table Tennis is receiving tremendous exposure at these games.  Every day, media outlets such as TSN, Global, CBC, Globe and Mail and APTN have been doing stories on table tennis.  This has provided for an increased interest in the sport from Halifax residences.

Peter McDonald, one of the local organizers for the HMCTTC has said “we have received 8-9 emails already of people that watched the table tennis event looking for more information or wanted to come to the club.”  Initially, most members will come from the Halifax Table Tennis Club, located at the Saint Theresa’s Church on North and Dublin.  This club will continue to stay open.  Peter says “we will keep it open and focus on starting a junior program there.”  The times and days of the week are still to be determined.

For more information regarding the Halifax Mainland Commons Table Tennis Club, contact Vincent Pothier at or Ali Beg at

For more information about the Nova Scotia Table Tennis Association, go to

To watch the live feed of table tennis at the 2011 Halifax Canada Games, go to


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