Canadian Record Set in Novice Men

Ontario’s took Gold in Novice Pair.  Skating a whimsical performance Shalena Rau and Phelan Simpson took top prize with a commanding lead over their competitors.

Only 1.25 points separated the top three Novice Women.  Veronik Mallet has come from behind before and pushed her way to the in the free skate with a top score of 94.82. She completed two double Axels and a triple salchow.

Special Olympics Women Level 2 and 3 performed the free skate today.  The audience support was amazing and the many athletes appreciated the cheers from the crowd.  One athlete said “I love to perform”….and that they did performing to Michael Jackson, Phantom of the Opera and others.

Novice Dance saw some movement in placements following the free dance.  Madeline Edwards/Zhao Kai Pang of BC skated a confident performance with fast feet to take top spot.   When asked what her favorite part of the Games was Madeline said “the whole team aspect”.  It seems to be a common feeling for the athletes this week.

What an amazing finish to the Figure Skating event this week.  Mathieu Nepton of QC broke his pervious Canadian record of 125.26 set earlier this season, setting a new record of 127.86 points.  He was more than 14 points ahead of the next competitor. He was happy with his performance and his goal was to be in first place.

 Novice Pair

1. Shalena Rau/Phelan Simpson, ON                    112.41

2. Rebecca Marsh/Christopher Blackmore, AB     89.95

3. Tamara Jurkiewicz/Alexander Arpin, QC            71.48

Novice Women

1. Veronik Mallet, QC       94.93

2. Brianna Clarkson, ON   94.82

3. Kassie Costello, NB        93.68

 Special Olympics Women – Level 2

  1. Megan Morse, ON
  2. Madisson Scott, MB
  3. Lindsay Ast, SK

 Special Olympics Women – Level 3

1. Carlea Wilkie-Ellis, ON

2. Tia Dolliver, NS

3. Annie Boulanger, QC

 Novice Dance

1. Madeline Edwards/Zhao Kai Pang, BC        91.21

2. MacKenzie Bent/Garrett MacKeen, ON        89.36

3. Noa Bruser/Timothy Lum, BC                       87.14

 Novice Men

 1. Mathieu Nepton, QC     127.86  CANADIAN RECORD

2. Drew Wolfe, AB              113.80

3. Mitchell Gordon, BC      111.03


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