Farewell Nova Scotia-Final Thoughts from Archery

In the waning moments of the 2011 Canada Games, the mood has struck to attempt to put the week in perspective.

Having been at the Archery Event all of Week Two, this final day brings many thoughts and emotions.

When all is said and done, the event, the archers, the volunteers, the officials, all are tired and probably glad to be able to soon return to our normal everday lives.  That is, even though this week has been in a word; FABULOUS.

However,  it is not without some sadness that we now return to our families and jobs, or schools across this great country.

And what a country this is. 

For the last week, the youth of the nation, in this case the archers have come together in what is truly a celebration of our sport and this country./

We’ve watched as young people and their coaches and chaperones have shared, cried, and laughed together.

We have seen performances that shattered records and fallen short of expectations.  We have been together on the field of play and in the cafterias.  Made friends and aquaintences that we will not forget, even though we may never see each other again.

What a country this is.

To Young men and women compete against each other, giving no quarter on the field, but being able to embrace each other, to congratulate and console each other when it is over.  The young man from Quebec, so dsiappointed in his own performance, yet able to sit with his friend from Ontario, so shortly after and revel in the firend’s success.

To see the coach of the Quebec Team step up on the podium during a break in the medal presentations and entertain the crowd, jigging to `Barret`s Privateers”,  with everyone singing along and breaking into loud applause when he was done.

What a country this is.

As Canadians, we share many things in common, as well as having our differences in language, culture, dialects, and customs.  But it is the joy of the similarities that bind us.

We have fun.  We have fun together.  Far removed from the politics and politicians, ….we dance.  We sing.  We celebrate together. We play, we challenge each other to step up and be better.

What a country this is.

The Canada Games are one of the things that make this country great.

The late Peter Gzowski had a contest on his radio show ‘Morningside.’  The purpose was to complete the phrase ‘As Canadian as possible……’   The winning submission, in typical Canadian self-deprecation was ‘As Canadian as possible, under the circumstances.’ 

Well,  Mr. Gzowski, under the circumstances, the Canada Games allows us to be as Canadian as possible. 

Young people are the future, but they are also the present.  They have shown us dignity in defeat and grace in victory.  They have shown us the drive to excel, the will to win and the ability to rise above the differneces.

There are many in Canada who would do well to take a lesson from them.


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