Nova Scotia cross country skier survives downhill crash to finish the race

Marie Soehl of Nova Scotia finishes the 10km Classic after downhill crash

Marie Soehl of Nova Scotia survived a hairy crash on the cross country downhill course and still finished the race. Soehl (pronounced soul) slipped over the edge of the race course much like the Olympic skier Petra Madjic did last year. However, tree branches caught her skis and arm to keep her from slipping vertically upside down into a ravine.

Soehl hung there for over 2 to 3 minutes while her dad, a ski patrol, a coach from Manitoba, and another onlooker helped to free her from the carnage. Once her skis were taken off her feet, she was pulled up the ravine.  She  immediately put her skis back on and carried on with the race.

She finished the 10km classic event in a respectable time in spite of the fall and the upper body injuries she endured. Marie finished in 46th place out of 54 competitors with a time of 41:17.6. Marie Soehl showed great determination and inner strength to finish the race.


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