A great legacy for synchronised swimming in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Synchronized Swim Team

Halifax, February 26, 2011 – The 2011 Canada Games synchronized swimming events have only just come to an end, but in Nova Scotia, thoughts are already focused on the Games’ legacy for the sport in Nova Scotia..

There is of course the physical legacy, which includes the construction of a new pool and the purchase of a new sound system. But there is also the potential to develop a future Olympic medallist.

“From a promotional point of view, our sport was presented in front a full crowd every day”, said provincial head coach Colleen Aird. “We did a good job promoting the event among the general population and our hope is now that the young people who watched the events will come forward and contact clubs.”

Aside from engaging new athletes, there is also the challenge of retaining those who have been involved in the sport for a long time and those who are just getting started, according to Synchro Nova Scotia’s Executive Director, Pam Kidney. “This week, they saw athletes that can inspire them”.

“The Canada Games are a great opportunity for our athletes, parents and officials to witness a high-level competition, here in Nova Scotia”, added Colleen Aird. “It’s something that you don’t often have a chance to see in the Maritimes.”

“The goal now is that our athletes who participated in the Canada Games continue to compete. They had the opportunity to talk to other athletes about training hours, objectives, etc. It was very inspiring for them. We hope that these athletes, who were only in their second year of training at the national level, will be more comfortable in future national competitions and will continue to progress no longer for a one-time event, but on the long term.”


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