All in the Family

For team manager Kim Masson and her family, badminton was an unknown sport prior to moving to Nunavut, as volleyball, was the family’s passion until 5 years ago.  The Masson family then moved to Iqaluit to take advantage of a teaching opportunity.  Fast forward a few years, and Kim Masson along with two, Chantal 19 and Britney 16, of her 3 daughters are at the 2011 Canada Winter Games representing the Territory of Nunavut and playing one of the world’s most popular sports.

Chantelle stated that it was very nice for her to have her sister and mother present to lean on, and as these were her second Canada Winter Games, she explained how these games were a better experience for her, crediting team chemistry.

Talking to Britney, she explained that she has only been playing badminton for 3 years and that she will have the opportunity to play for Nunavut at the 2015 games, due to her age.  As per Britney: “I am so glad I came”.  

When asked how Kim felt living such an experience with her daughters she replied: “I am very fortunate, not many mothers can experience these games with their daughters”.  The Masson sisters played Women’s Doubles together and as Britney indicated, when things do not go well, we know to just walk away and give each other space on the court.

All three credit Calvin Holoboff for Nunavut’s performance at these games and the team chemistry that has developed.


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