Jacqueline Simoneau wins a third gold medal

Jacquline Simoneau of Quebec with her three gold medal in synchronized swimming at the 2011 Canada Games in Halifax

Halifax, February 26, 2011 – Jacqueline Simoneau of Team Quebec earned a third gold medal at the 2011 Canada Games after winning the solo event, Saturday, the last event of the competition.

Jacqueline Simoneau received a final championship score of 78.818 points for a new routine called “The Red Violin”. Kaylene Scheil of Alberta won silver with 73.941 points while Alina Ryssina from Ontario won the battle for bronze with 72.604 points.

In the solo B final, Quebec’s Anne-Marie Chouinard took first with 75.182 points, followed by Samantha Nealon of Ontario with 72.409 points and Madison Allen of Alberta with 72.120 points.

“I am very happy with my performance this week”, said Jacqueline Simoneau. “It was definitely the best performance of my career so far. I improved a lot, I had more energy and I perfected my technique. I am not only happy about my medals, but also about my experience.”

Quebec first all over the board Earlier this week, Jacqueline Simoneau won two gold medals, in the duo with her partner Anne-Marie Chouinard and in the team competition, helping Quebec secure every available gold medal this week.

“I am very satisfied with the performance of our athletes this week”, said Quebec head Coach Nathalie Lagrange. “Our goal was to win the A and B finals for the Flag Points, and that’s what we did. What’s exceptional is that 8 of our athletes finished in the top 10 in the figure’s competition.”

Nathalie Lagrange also commended Jacqueline Simoneau’s performance. “She delivered an extraordinary solo performance, technically as well as artistically. Her heights were incredible throughout the competition.”

“This week, she showed that she could do the work”, she added. “She is an excellent soloist and a great teammate. She is always positive and knows how to outdo herself. She is definitely a 2016 Olympics hopeful.”


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