A Sea of Blue in Nova Scotia at Cross Country Relay Awards

A sea of blue at the cross-country relay medal ceremonies. Quebec, BC and Alberta take the podium in both men's and women's races

The blue jackets of BC, Alberta and Quebec dominated the award ceremony creating a sea of blue to conclude the Canada Winter Games cross country competitions held at Martock.

Saturday saw the conclusion of the cross country ski events at the Canada Winter Games.  After a day of rain, the temperatures dropped to create ice chunks mixed with fresh snow.  Races were held under partially sunny skies with extremely windy conditions. 

In the Women’s 4×3.75km event, Andrea Lee of BC brought her team in first with a 16 second lead followed by 15 year old Alberta skier, Maya Macisaac-Jones . Yukon’s Beatty was only 6 seconds back to keep the Yukoner’s in  third and Quebec 8 seconds out of the medals.  By the second classic leg, the medallists were clearly decided with BC strongly out in front.  Quebec’s Workun-Hill had the fastest time of the second leg bringing her team into second and Alberta close behind in third.  Yukon fell back to duke it out with Ontario and chase the leaders.

By the fourth leg, BC was clearly in gold medal contention whereby only a serious mishap could change their victory.  The silver medal was fought to the line by Alberta’s Widmer and Quebec’s Bouffard-Nesbitt, with Quebec just edging out a weary Alberta.  Veteran Nishikawa couldn’t reel in the leaders in spite of her earlier CWG successes.  However, cross country fans should keep an eye open on the young Yukon team at the next Canada Winter Games to be held in Prince George, BC in 2015.

Women’s Relay Results

  1. BC           :43:51.0                (Lee, Mehain, Reid, Marshall)
  2. QC          +36.6                     (Pepin, Workun-Hill, Auclair, Bouffard-Nesbitt)
  3. AB          +39.7                     (Macisaac-Jones, Hewitt, Hicks, Widmer)
  4. YK           +1:16.3
  5. ON         +2:05.9
  6. NL           +7:14.0
  7. MB         +7:59.7
  8. SK           +8:41.9
  9. NWT      +8:59.4
  10. NS          +12:55.7
  11. NB          +15:17.6

In the Men’s 4x5km relay event, Alberta carried on their winning ways leading nearly from start to finish.  The team of Garnier, Killick, Sandau and Cockney looked comfortable after a strong lead was created by classic skiers Garnier and Killick. Ontario crashed in the first 1.5km and spent the rest of the race trying to catch up. Team Yukon was in the mix through the first lap with BC and Quebec chasing.  By the third leg, Quebec and BC were battling for silver and bronze with Yukon and Ontario chasing to get back in the mix.  Previous medalists Shields and Somppi fought valiantly but couldn’t make up the nearly 2 minute difference. Spectators raced to the stadium area to watch Alberta cruise in for gold, and Quebec’s Richard out kick BC’s Neumann for silver.  Watch for the young Newfoundland and Labrador who with their young team placed 6th with 14 year old Konrad Kuhne of Labrador City as their anchor. Watch for this team at the 2015 CWG in Prince George as 3 of the 4 athletes will still be eligible to compete.

Men’s Relay Results

  1. Alberta                 :52:24.8                (Garnier, Killick, Sandau, Cockney)
  2. QC                          +13.6                     (Turgeon, Couturier, Lloyd, Richard)
  3. BC                           +14.5                     (Wylie, Burton, Richards, Neumann)
  4. YK                           +1:48.4
  5. ON                         +2:09.1
  6. NL                           +6:02.2
  7. SK                           + 6:21.7
  8. MB                         +9:09.3
  9. NWT                      +10:18.4
  10. NB                          +14:59.4

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