Ontario wins gold in men’s curling at the 2011 Canada Winter Games

Halifax, NS – Ontario and Saskatchewan were battling for the gold medal in front of a packed house at the Mayflower Curling Club.  Ontario opened the game with a single point in the 1st end.  Saskatchwan countered with 2 in the 2nd.  In the 3rd end Saskatchewans’ third and skip missed on a couple of shots, Ontario capitalized and scored a duce back. 

Playing the 4th, Ontario was lieing shot on the top 4 foot behind cover, Saskatchewan skip Brady Scharback had a draw to the button through a port for a single point.  The sweeper pounded it out of his hand and dragged it to the full four and the point.  The score was tied up 3-3 heading into the 4th end break. 

In the 5th there were a number of great run backs made by both teams.  Each battling for better positioning behind quards.  On Ontario skips first rock he attempted a draw around a corner guard, only to remain in the open.  Saskatchewan hit and roll ended up a nose hit to lie 3.  Ontario played the hit and got their single point.  The score after five was 4-3 for Ontario.

Saskatchewan had the hammer in the 6th end, lieing one burried biting the 4 foot, Ontario Skips last rock did not curl, Saskatchewan had a nice easy hit for two and the lead for the first time in the game. The score was 5-4 for the team in green.

Ontario blanked the 7th to keep hammer heading into the 8th end.  The 8th end game down to last rocks.  The first half of the end the teams exchanged open hits.  On Saskatchewan’s thirds first rock, he hit and rolled behind a  guard on the four foot line.  Ontario attempted a come around draw only to rub off Sasktachewans rock.  Saskatchewan hit the Ontario stone to lie two in the house.  Ontario down to only three rocks, they attempted a hit and roll to sit behind the guard.  Saskatchewan attempted run back on the guard to pick the rock out of the house went wide.  Ontario drew in to lie two.  On Saskatchewan’s last rock, they were left with a hit and roll.  He nosed the Ontario stone to lie first and third and Ontario was second shot.  On their final stone, Ontario hit and rolled to score to and the win.  The final was 6-5 for Ontario.

Final Standings – Men’s Curling

Gold Medal – Ontario

Silver Medal – Saskatchewan

Bronze Medal – Manitoba

4th Place – New Brunswick

5th Place – Nova Scotia

6th Place – Alberta

7th Place – Quebec

8th Place – British Columbia

9th Place – Newfoundland and Labrador

10th Place – Northwest Territories

11th Place – Prince Edward Island

12th Place – Yukon


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