Exploring the Surroundings in Halifax


Today we arrived in Halifax! We were all very excited the whole flight but everything went well and our team arrived safe and sound! We are staying the the Delta and the view for our room is gorgeous! It was nice to get to our rooms and drop off our stuff, but we were quickly off exploring the athletes village.  We were also left a nice surprise in our rooms as there were backpacks for each of us that had some fun souvenirs inside.

There is lots to see in the athletes village! We took a look at the ‘café connection’ and the arcade on our way to dinner and we are definitely going to head back to play some Wii! The dinning hall is huge and we had so much selection in what to eat. I was a little worried that they wouldn’t have the food I am used to but there is so much selection that I am sure everyone feels comfortable with the choices.

After dinner we went for a walk outside and the weather is gorgeous here, however I may be a little biased coming from Manitoba weather. The streets were packed as the band Great Big Sea were playing live, and we managed to catch a couple of songs.

It was interesting to see some of the other Provinces appeal as we walked around the village and we have already been propositioned about trading our touques. The pins are already out and the trading has begun!

Tomorrow and Monday are practice days and then we begin competing. We are all very excited to see the pool tomorrow and get back in the pool!


Holly & synchro girls


Excited for the Games!


            I’m Holly Ediger and I am very excited representing Manitoba as the co-captain of the synchronized swimming team!  I am 19 and began competing in synchro when I was 11-years-old. My synchro highlights include swimming at the 2007 Canada Winter Games, coming 2nd in duet at the Canadian Open Synchronized Swimming Championship 2010 and competing at the France open in 2010.  Last games I was thrilled to be on the team and I swam as an alternate but this games I get to compete in team, duet and figures.

Our team of ten was selected back in September and we have been working incredibly hard in preparation for games. Most of us have been training for 10hours with the Games team and another 20hours with our club teams. It has been a hard couple of months but it has paid off and we are ready to step on that plane! Our goal is to come 5th in team and hopefully our hard work will pay off!

 On top of my training I am an athlete representative for Manitoba as well as Western Canada. I am  also a university student at the University of Manitoba. I hope to graduate with a kinesiology degree with a minor in athletic therapy.  I hope on working with future athletes to help them reach there full potential.

In 2004 my mom pulled me out of school for a year to travel around the world with her. Along with visiting many other countries, I got to spend a month in Thailand working in a baby orphanage for the medically ill and fragile.  When I came home from my eight months abroad, I had one month to train for the 2nd phase of trials (I was gone for the 1st) for the 2007 games.

It is only a few days before we step onto the plane to head into the second week of the games and we (my team and I) couldn’t be more excited. We can’t wait not only to compete but also to cheer on our fellow Manitoba athletes with full Toba spirit!