Ontario wins gold in men’s curling at the 2011 Canada Winter Games

Halifax, NS – Ontario and Saskatchewan were battling for the gold medal in front of a packed house at the Mayflower Curling Club.  Ontario opened the game with a single point in the 1st end.  Saskatchwan countered with 2 in the 2nd.  In the 3rd end Saskatchewans’ third and skip missed on a couple of shots, Ontario capitalized and scored a duce back. 

Playing the 4th, Ontario was lieing shot on the top 4 foot behind cover, Saskatchewan skip Brady Scharback had a draw to the button through a port for a single point.  The sweeper pounded it out of his hand and dragged it to the full four and the point.  The score was tied up 3-3 heading into the 4th end break. 

In the 5th there were a number of great run backs made by both teams.  Each battling for better positioning behind quards.  On Ontario skips first rock he attempted a draw around a corner guard, only to remain in the open.  Saskatchewan hit and roll ended up a nose hit to lie 3.  Ontario played the hit and got their single point.  The score after five was 4-3 for Ontario.

Saskatchewan had the hammer in the 6th end, lieing one burried biting the 4 foot, Ontario Skips last rock did not curl, Saskatchewan had a nice easy hit for two and the lead for the first time in the game. The score was 5-4 for the team in green.

Ontario blanked the 7th to keep hammer heading into the 8th end.  The 8th end game down to last rocks.  The first half of the end the teams exchanged open hits.  On Saskatchewan’s thirds first rock, he hit and rolled behind a  guard on the four foot line.  Ontario attempted a come around draw only to rub off Sasktachewans rock.  Saskatchewan hit the Ontario stone to lie two in the house.  Ontario down to only three rocks, they attempted a hit and roll to sit behind the guard.  Saskatchewan attempted run back on the guard to pick the rock out of the house went wide.  Ontario drew in to lie two.  On Saskatchewan’s last rock, they were left with a hit and roll.  He nosed the Ontario stone to lie first and third and Ontario was second shot.  On their final stone, Ontario hit and rolled to score to and the win.  The final was 6-5 for Ontario.

Final Standings – Men’s Curling

Gold Medal – Ontario

Silver Medal – Saskatchewan

Bronze Medal – Manitoba

4th Place – New Brunswick

5th Place – Nova Scotia

6th Place – Alberta

7th Place – Quebec

8th Place – British Columbia

9th Place – Newfoundland and Labrador

10th Place – Northwest Territories

11th Place – Prince Edward Island

12th Place – Yukon


Manitoba wins Bronze in men’s curling

Halifax, NS – Manitoba opened the game with a single in the first end, New Brunswick followed by a 3 in the second to take a 3-1 lead over Manitoba. That would be the last time NB scored in the bronze medal game.  Manitoba scored 2 in the third and then went on to steal singles in the 4th, 6th and 7th ends to widen their lead to 6-3.  In the 8th, Manitoba did not miss a shot.  They ran New Brunswick out of rocks and won the bronze medal.

Gold medal game is tonight (Saturday, February 26th) at 7:30 p.m. and features Saskatchwan and Ontario.

Final Standings – Men’s Curling

Gold Medal – To be determined

Silver Medal – To be determined

Bronze Medal – Manitoba

4th Place – New Brunswick

5th Place – Nova Scotia

6th Place – Alberta

7th Place – Quebec

8th Place – British Columbia

9th Place – Newfoundland Labrador

10th Place – Northwest Territories

11th Place – Prince Edward Island

12th Place – Yukon

Saskatchewan and Ontario head to gold medal game in men’s curling

Halifax, NS – Saskatchewan secured their spot in the gold medal game with a win over Manitoba in the first of two semi-finals at the Mayflower Curling Club.

Saskatchewan and Manitoba kept the game very close for the first 3 ends, they were exchanging ones and the score was 2-1 after 3 ends. Saskatchewan widened their lead by 7 with steal of 3 in the 4th end and then score another 4 points in the 6th to take the score to 9-2.  With the 7 point deficit Manitoba decided to call it a game after 6 ends.

In the 2nd semi final game, Ontario played New Brunswick.  Ontario scored a couple of duces to New Brunswick singles.  The score was 4-2 for Ontario heading into the 8th end.  New Brunswick was in a tough situation, they need to steal 2 points just to force an extra.  Ontario control the end and had an open hit on the last rock for the win.

Ontario and Saskatchewan will play in the gold medal game at 7:30 p.m. this evening and New Brunswick and Manitoba play in the bronze medal game at 2:30 p.m.

Crossover’s complete in men’s curling at the 2011 Canada Winter Games

Halifax, NS – The rain was falling and the wind blowing but that didn’t stop the fans from the Mayflower Curling Club tonight.  They were out in full force and thanks to RBC they were all armed with clappers.  They were here to cheer on the teams playing the crossover games for flag points.

In the battle for 5th & 6th place, Nova Scotia defeated Albert 4-3. Quebec and British Columbia went extra ends.  Quebec won, the final score 6-5.  Quebec finishes in 7th and British Columbia takes 8th.   Newfoundland Labrador and Northwest Territories game were in a high scoring game.  NL got their 2 in the 8th to tie the game 8-8.  In the extra end, NL stole a point and the win.  NL finishes in 9th and NWT in 10th.  In the final game, PEI score 7 points in the 6th end to take a 7-1 lead on Yukon and the game.  The young team from PEI finished the games in 11th and Yukon took 12th.

Play resumes 10:00 a.m. Saturday, February 26th with the semi finals.  Manitoba will play Saskatchewan and New Brunswick will take on Ontario.  Winners advance to the gold medal game at 7:30 p.m.,while the losers will play in the bronze medal game at 2:30 p.m.

Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick head to medal round in men’s curling

Halifax, NS – After the end of play in Pool B at the Mayflower Curling Club, tie-breakers were avoided with victories by both Manitoba and Ontario. 

It took Manitoba 7 ends to defeat British Columbia.  BC was leading Manitoba 4-2 after 5 ends with a couple of back to back steals.  Mantioba got their 1 in 6th and then capitalized on some missed shots by BC to steal 5 in the 7th.  The score 8-4 was too much for BC, they were run out of rocks in the 8th.  Manitoba secured top spot in Pool B.

Ontario got a 3 in the 3rd against Alberta.  Forced Alberta to a single in the 4th.  Alberta stole another point in the 5th.  Ontario go back on the board with a draw to the button in the 6th.  Manitoba was forces to 1 in the 7th.  One down coming home with out hammer, Alberta was able to steal a point and the game went into extra ends.  In the extra, the Ontario skip made two perfect take outs and won the game 5-4.  Ontario finishes in 2nd spot.

In the final game of the evening, Newfoundland Labrador scored three 3 enders, 1 in the 3rd, 1 in the 5th and the final in the 7th and last end.  The final score was 10-3 for Newfoundland.

Final Standing after Round Robin – Pool B

Manitoba 4-1

Ontario 4-1

Alberta 2-3

British Columbia 2-3

Newfoundland Labrador 2-3

Yukon 1-4

Cross-over Schedule – Friday, February 24, 2011 at 7:30 p.m.

Sheet A (9th & 10th) – Northwest Territories vs Newfoundland Labrador

Sheet B (5th & 6th) – Alberta vs Nova Scotia

Sheet C (7th & 8th) – Quebec vs British Columbia

Sheet D (11th & 12th) – Yukon vs Prince Edward Island

Semi-Final Schedule – Saturday, February 26th at 10:00 a.m.

Sheet A – Manitoba vs Saskatchewan

Sheet D – New Brunswick vs Ontario

New Brunswick and Saskatchewan will play in the medal rounds in men’s curling at the 2011 Canada Winter Games

Halifax, NS – After the final games of round robin in Pool A, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan finished with 4-1 records and advance to the medal rounds.  The two teams will not know who they play until after tonights final game for pool B.

Saskatchewan played Prince Edward Island in their final game of the round robin.  The Team from Saskatchewan came out strong with a duce in the 1st and then three consecutive steals to take the lead 5-0 heading into the 4th end break.  PEI scored their only point in the 5th.  Saskatchewan widened their lead in the 6th with another duce.  The score was 7-1 and the Islanders conceded the win. 

New Brunswick finished off their round robin play with a loss to Quebec.  Quebec came into the game with 1-3 record.  The two teams kept the game close, with each team exchanging singles.  The score after 4 ends was tied 1-1.  New Brusnwick came out strong in the 5th and scored 2 points.  Quebec countered with 3 in the 6th.  NB came back with 2 in the 7th, and the lead 5-4 heading into the final end.  Quebec had the hammer in the 8th, they capitalized and scored their duce for the win. 

It took Nova Scotia an extra end to defeat the Northwest Territories.  Nova Scotia lead 4-2 after the 6th end.  Northwest Territories scored a single in the 7th and stole another point in the 8th after a missed hit opportunity on the final stone for Nova Scotia.  In the extra it look as if the Territories would force Nova Scotia to make a tough shot for the win.  NWT was sitting on top of the 4 foot, skip David Aho was playing a guard.  He was light and the rock was hogged.  Nova Scotia made the open hit in the extra for the win. 

Final Standing following Round Robin – Pool A

New Brunswick 4-1

Saskatchewan 4-1

Nova Scotia 3-2

Quebec 2-3

Northwest Territories 1-4

Prince Edward Island 1-4

Manitoba and Ontario remain on top of Pool B with 3-1 records

Halifax, NS – Manitoba and Ontario won their respective games this morning and remain on top with 3-1 records. 

Newfoundland Labrador opened the game with a single in the 1st end. Manitoba responded in the 2nd end with a single point and followed it up with a steal in the 3rd for a score of 2-1.  Newfoundland countered with a point of their own in the 4th to tie the game 2-2 heading to the break.  Manitoba scored a duce the 6th to take a 4-2 lead. NL scored a single in 7th after skip Stephen Tricket made a long raise back double for his single.  Manitoba with a 1 point lead and the hammer in the 8th end were able to secure the win with a double take out on the skips first rock.  Newfoundland Labradors’ last rock draw picked up some debris and was short of the house.  Manitoba did not have to throw their last rock.

Alberta and British Columbia kept the game very close, they were exchanging duces and the score was 2-2 after 3 ends. Alberta scored a single in the 4th and stole another single in the 5th to take a 4-2 lead.  BC had a open hit in the 6th end for 2 points.  It was executed perfectly.  The score was tied 4-4 heading into the 7th.  BC was lieing shot rock back 4 foot beind cover, Alberta attempted a come around draw but came up short and BC stole a single in the 7th to take a 5-4 lead heading into the 8th end.  In the 8th, Alberta facing a heavily buried BC rock on the 4 foot, played a double run back to pick the BC rock off the button and sending the game into an extra end. In the extra, BC had an open hit and stay for the win, however the rock didn’t curl up.  BC hit and rolled out sending the game into another extra end.  With lots of rocks in front of the rings, BC skip drew  around two guards to top button on his first rock of the end.  Alberta skip executed a angle tap to lie shot and push the BC stone to back button.  BC played a back line tap and score 2 points for the win.  The final was 7-5 for BC.

Yukon got off to a rough start and couldn’t quite battle back against Ontario. Ontario scored a single in the 2nd end, followed by  five consecutive stolen ends to increase their lead to 9-0 after 6 ends.  The gap was too big, so the team from Yukon called it a game and shook after 6.

Pool B Standing following Draw 7 (Thursday, February 24th at 10:00 a.m.)

Manitoba 3-1

Ontario 3-1

Alberta 2-2

British Columbia 2-2

Newfoundland Labrador 1-3

Yukon 1-3