Canadian Record Set in Novice Men

Ontario’s took Gold in Novice Pair.  Skating a whimsical performance Shalena Rau and Phelan Simpson took top prize with a commanding lead over their competitors.

Only 1.25 points separated the top three Novice Women.  Veronik Mallet has come from behind before and pushed her way to the in the free skate with a top score of 94.82. She completed two double Axels and a triple salchow.

Special Olympics Women Level 2 and 3 performed the free skate today.  The audience support was amazing and the many athletes appreciated the cheers from the crowd.  One athlete said “I love to perform”….and that they did performing to Michael Jackson, Phantom of the Opera and others.

Novice Dance saw some movement in placements following the free dance.  Madeline Edwards/Zhao Kai Pang of BC skated a confident performance with fast feet to take top spot.   When asked what her favorite part of the Games was Madeline said “the whole team aspect”.  It seems to be a common feeling for the athletes this week.

What an amazing finish to the Figure Skating event this week.  Mathieu Nepton of QC broke his pervious Canadian record of 125.26 set earlier this season, setting a new record of 127.86 points.  He was more than 14 points ahead of the next competitor. He was happy with his performance and his goal was to be in first place.

 Novice Pair

1. Shalena Rau/Phelan Simpson, ON                    112.41

2. Rebecca Marsh/Christopher Blackmore, AB     89.95

3. Tamara Jurkiewicz/Alexander Arpin, QC            71.48

Novice Women

1. Veronik Mallet, QC       94.93

2. Brianna Clarkson, ON   94.82

3. Kassie Costello, NB        93.68

 Special Olympics Women – Level 2

  1. Megan Morse, ON
  2. Madisson Scott, MB
  3. Lindsay Ast, SK

 Special Olympics Women – Level 3

1. Carlea Wilkie-Ellis, ON

2. Tia Dolliver, NS

3. Annie Boulanger, QC

 Novice Dance

1. Madeline Edwards/Zhao Kai Pang, BC        91.21

2. MacKenzie Bent/Garrett MacKeen, ON        89.36

3. Noa Bruser/Timothy Lum, BC                       87.14

 Novice Men

 1. Mathieu Nepton, QC     127.86  CANADIAN RECORD

2. Drew Wolfe, AB              113.80

3. Mitchell Gordon, BC      111.03


Pre-Novice Medals Awarded in Figure Skating

Adonis Wong of British Columbia wins the gold medal in the Men's Pre-Novice competition at the 2011 Canada Games in Halifax

BC took gold in both Pre-Novice Men and Pre-Novice Dance at St. Margaret’s Centre this morning. In Pre-Novice Men Adonis Wong of BC moved into first place with over a 7 point lead from second place. Skating second last he waited for the final competitors results to know his placement and was elated with the result.

In Pre-Novice Dance Jessica Jiang and Nikolas Wamsteeker of BC held on to first place and broke a two year old Canadian record in the process.  After the skate the Champions were excited with the result after winning the National title earlier in the season. Bianka Gadosy and Simon Daze were lucky  to get to skate today.  Just days before arriving at the Games Simon was faced with an injury to his leg causing ligament damage.  The team was able to scale back on some of their elements in order to compete, but Simon was clearly fighting pain at the end of his performance, and had to resort to crutches when speaking to reporters.

Special Olympics Men Level 2 and 3 also concluded today with some crowd pleasing performances.  In Level 2 Tomas Babcock of Ontario put on a great performance moving from second into first place. Emilie Baz of Quebec moved up from third place to steal the Gold.

The standings remain unchanged in Pre-Novice Pair from the short program to the free program with Hayleigh Bell & Alistair Sylvester widening their lead in Pre-Novice Pair and capturing the gold.

The audience was loud tonight for the conclusion of the Pre-Novice Women.  One of the skaters said the best part of the skate was “the end…when everybody cheered for me”.  Many skaters have really appreciated the support of the crowd this week and the amazing Nova Scotia fans! The Champion Lisa Nasu-Yu said she achieved a personal best tonight.

Pre-Novice Men

1. Adonis Wong, BC       50.76

2. Bennet Toman, QC    79.07

3. Casey Wong, AB        69.80

Pre-Novice Dance

1. Jessica Jiang/Nikolas Wamsteeker,BC        69.03

2. Samantha Glavine/Jeff Hough, ON             64.19

3. Christina Penkov/Christopher Mostert, AB   60.22

Special Olympics Men – Level 2

1. Tomas Babcock, ON

2. Matthew Lai, BC

3. Manuel Richard Nadeau, QC

Special Olympics Men – Level 3

1. Emilie Baz, QC

2. Allan Tsang, BC

3. Mark Ellsworth, NL

Pre-Novice Pair

1. Hayleigh Bell/Alistair Sylvester, ON            86.69

2. Kendra Digness/Cole VanDer Velden, AB    75.96

3. Jessica Landry/Sebastian Arcieri, QC          67.93

Pre-Novice Women

1. Lisa Nasu-Yu, ON  86.32

2. Jayda Jurome, BC 82.91

3. Haley Sales, BC    81.94

Thursday’s Schedule

12:00  Novice Pair

12:40  Novice Women

14:55  Special Olympics Women Level 2 – Freeskate

15:45  Special Olympics Women Level 3 – Freeskate

19:05  Novice Dance – Freeskate

20:05  Novice Men – Freeskate

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Novice Figure Skating Competition Begins

The Novice Women – Short program

The crowd came out to cheer on the Novice Women this morning. Brianna Clarkson of Ontario is currently in first place after performing a double Axel and triple toe loop combination as part of her performance.

1. Brianna Clarkson, ON   36.82

2. Kassie Costello, NB      35.66

3. Tara Hancherow, SK     33.05

Novice Women will perform their Freeskate on Thursday at 12:40.

Novice Pair – Short program

Shalena Rau and Phelan Simpson of Ontario sit in top spot with more than a 6 point coushion ahead of the next best team.

1. Shalena Rau/Phelan Simpson, ON          41.98

2. Rebecca Marsh/Christopher Blac, AB       35.42

3. Tamara Jukiewicz/Alexander Arpin, QC   27.63

Final performances to determine the winners will be on Thursday at 12:00.

Special Olympics Women- Level 2

The Women performed a number of required elements including a one foot glide on a circle during this event preparing them for the final competition on Thursday at 14:55.

1.Lindsay Ast, SK

2. Megan Morse, ON

3. Madison Scott, MB

Special Olympics Women – Level 3

Many athletes commented on how great it was to have such support from the crowd. 

1. Carlea Wilkie-Ellis, ON

2. Tia Dolliver, NS

3. Christina MacDonald, AB

The freeskate performance takes place Thursday at 15:45.

Novice Men – Short program

The top three men held nothing back.  Drew Wolfe, AB is in top spot landing two triple jumps and a double Axel. Not far behind is Mathieu Nepton who performed the only triple loop in the competition. Thursday’s freeskate portion of the competition should prove to be a fight for top spot.

1. Drew Wolfe, AB          43.48

2. Mathieu Nepton, QC   43.20

3. Mitchell Gordon, BC    42.88

Novice Dance – Pattern Dance

1. MacKenzie Bent/Garrett MacKeen, ON   28.37

2. Madeline Edwards/Zhao Kai Pang, BC   27.59

3. Noa Bruser/Timothy Lum, BC              26.46

Expect some great free dance performances on Thursday at 19:05.

Wednesday’s Schedule

Medal will be awarded tomorrow in all Pre-Novice events as well as Special Olympics Women (Level 2 and 3) and Special Olympics Men (Level 2 and 3).

10:15  Pre-Novice Men, Freeskate

11:50  Pre-Novice Dance, Free dance

12:50  Special Olympics Men – Level 2, Freeskate

13:05  Special Olympics Men – Level 3, Freeskate

16:50  Pre-Novice Pair, Freeskate

17:35  Pre-Novice Women, Freeskate

20:10  Medal Ceremonies

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Figure Skating Heats up

This morning the Pre-Novice Dance competitors competed the Pattern Dance performing both the Keats Foxtrot and the Harris Tango pattern dances. A pattern dance is a dance performed to set pattern to an assigned rhythm.

Final results after the pattern dance have Jessica Jaing and Nikolas Wamsteeker of British Columbia gliding into first place with two effortless performances. When asked about competiting at the Games Jamie Clarke of Nova Scotia said “it’s a great experience…a once and a lifetime experience.”

Short program results…

1. Jessica Jaing / Nikolas Wamsteeker, BC          26.58

2. Samantha Glavine / Jeff Hough, ON                25.91

3. Christina Penkov / Christopher Mostert, AB      23.22

Pre-Novice Dance concludes on Wednesday at 11:50 with the Free Dance.

Pre-Novice Men saw some personal best scores and highlight performances. After performing a double axel combination and a triple toe loop Bennet Toman sits in first place with almost a 6 point lead over his nearest competitor.  Dylan Short of Newfoundland pumped his fist as he concluded his short program achieving a personal best for the short program. 

Short program results…

1. Bennet Toman, QC   36.31

2. Adonis Wong, BC     31.48

3. Casey Wong, AB      30.64

Pre-Novice Men free skate takes place Wednesday at 10:15

Pre-Novice Women

1. Lisa Nasu-Yu, ON       31.24

2. Haley Sales, BC         30.51

3. Jessica Pietrzak, QC   30.49 

Pre-Novice Women concludes on Wednesday at 17:35 with the free skate.

Pre-Novice Pair

1. Haleigh Bell/Allistair Sylvester, ON             33.10

2. Kendra Digness/Cole VanDer Velden, AB   27.41

3. Jessica Landry/Sebastian Arcieri, QC          23.67

Special Olympics

Fans were treated with some great performances from the Special Olympians.  Men in level 2 and 3 compeleted the elements portion of the competition. Special Olympics Men and Women Solo Dance competed in the pattern dance with Champions being awarded. Alyssa Chapman won the first medal for Prince Edward Island in the Solo Dance event finishing first in both the Fiesta Tango and Willow Waltz. 

Level 2 Elements in Isolation

1. Manuel Richard Nadeau, QC

2. Thomas Babcock, ON

3. Matthew Lai, BC

Level 3 Elements in Isolation

1. Allan Tsang, BC

2. Mark Ellsworth, NL

3. Emile Baz, QC

 Special Olympics Women Solo Dance

 1. Alyssa Chapman, PE

2. Kailinda Stewart, NS

Special Olympics Men Solo Dance

1. Jonathan Edwards, ON

2. Justin Duong, SK

Tuesday Schedule

Novice events begin on Tuesday.

10:45 Novice Women – Short program

12:55 Novice Pair – Short program

13:35 Special Olympics Women Level 2 – Elements

14:45 Special Olympics Women Level 3 – Elements

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Let the Competition Begin

One of the most well known Canadian Figure Skaters competed at the first Canada Winter Games in 1967 – Toller Cranston. Through the years many more World and Olympic Calibre skaters have followed this same path by competing in the games. Many say that the spark starts here!  Get ready for a great week… future stars will be on the ice!

You will not want to miss todays events.  You will see reigning Pre-Novice National Champions take to the ice in Pre-Novice Dance (Jessica Jaing and Nicholas Wamsteeker – BC), Pre-Novice Men (Bennett Toman – QC) and Pre-Novice Women (Jaydea Jurome – BC).   Tomorrow’s schedule includes:

09:30   Pre-Novice Dance – Pattern Dance

11:05   Pre-Novice Men – Short Program

17:00   Pre-Novice Women – Short Program

19:40   Pre-Novice Pair – Short Program

20:25   Special Olympics Men Level 2 – Elements

20:50   Special Olympics Men Level 3 – Elements

21:15   Special Olympics Dance Women – Solo

           Special Olympics Dance Men – Solo

Champions will be decided today in Special Olymics Dance Women and Men. Figure Skating events take place Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at St. Margaret’s Centre.

Technical Element of The Day  – To perform an Axel a skater takes off from the forward outside edge of the skate, completes 1 1/2 revolutions in the air and lands on the back outside edge of the opposite foot. 

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