Ontario men’s successfully defend their title at 2011 Canada Winter Games while British Columbia upset Ontario women in final

The women final was a beauty and fans were treated to some very good squash between the best junior girls in the country.  At the end of play, both teams and spectators in attendance were awaiting final results.  At the number three position Alyssa Mehta defeated Brynn Daniels (3-1) to give Ontario a 1-0 lead, Lindsay Seginson brought both team back to squash one with a 3-1 win over Jillian Baker. In the battle of the number one’s Abbey Foster defeated Hollie Naughton 3-2 to give British Columbia a 2-1 lead with one match to go. In the fourth and final match Michelle Gemmell left crowd in limbo with a 3-2 win over Nicole Bunyan.   In order to determine the gold medal winner, a tie breaker was required given that the encounter resulted in a tie between team 2-2.

The Technical Package stated that “If a play-off encounter results in a tie, (each team wins the same number of matches) the following procedure will be used to determine the winner”:

i)                    first by greater number of games won;

ii)                   if equal, by positive difference between points won and lost;

iii)                  if equal, the result of the match between the number #1 ranked players in each province in the encounter will be the deciding factor.

After going through the first tie breaking procedure 1) by greater number of games won  both Ontario and British Columbia were still tied in game won (3-1 BC, 3-1 ON, 3-2 BC and 3-2 ON).  The tie was broken by looking at the positive difference between point won and lost; officials took a fair amount time to go over the information and had both coaches review the information. In the end, British Columbia was crowned the 2011 Canada Winter Games Champions and recipient of the gold medal by a slim margin of two points 167-165.

After the win head coach Jeff Boag said “It’s incredible to have won a gold medal at the Canada Games, even more amazing as we were the underdogs”. “Our team focus from the beginning was that the attention to detail in every rally of every game would be the difference. We knew we would have a very tough battle and the BC girls rose to the challenge and gave it everything they had. It was a great journey to get to this point and I know we will never forget it”.

In the bronze medal match, third seed Alberta defeated Quebec 4-0. Emma Yong, Evelyn Moorhouse and Danielle Letourneau secured the win for Alberta by taking the first three matches over Marcia Filgiano, Olivia Tory and Lindsay Bovaird. In the last encounter it was a battle between Chloe Chemtob and Heather Yong, with the latter coming out on top 3-2.

In the other placement matches, Nova Scotia proved that their win against Prince Edward Island in the round robin wasn’t a fluke as they beat them a second time in three days 3-1 to finish fifth. Northwest Territories took Manitoba for seventh while Saskatchewan defeated Yukon to finish ninth

In the men final, Ontario successfully defended its title by defeating British Columbia 4-0. Joshua Sekhar defeated Michael Thompson 3-1 in the first encounter. In the second match Cameron Seth won over Mackenzie Foster 3-0. It was Tyler Osborne who confirmed the win for Ontario with a 3-1 victory over Tyler Olson. In the dead rubber match Zachary Leman and Michael McCue went the distance with McCue having the upper hand 3-2.

In the bronze medal match, Calvin Wren, Mathieu Diab and Chris Defour won the first three matches over Jason Field, Adrian DeVries and Tyler to upset third seed Alberta and claim their first medal in squash at the Games. In the fourth Cale William defeated George Henderson for a 4-0 for Quebec.

In other placement matches, Northwest Territories beat Manitoba for fifth place for their best placement at the Games, Saskatchewan won over local team Nova Scotia for seventh place while Yukon edged PEI in a thriller for ninth place.

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Both Ontario and British Columbia teams to battle for Gold at the 2011 Canada Winter Games

The first encounter of the crossover saw first place in pool B and second seed British Columbia take on fourth seed Quebec, it was unfortunate that the match was early given that quality of the match between both team and the lack of spectator. In the end it was British Columbia who got the upper hand and took home the victory over Quebec 4-0 and a place in tomorrow gold medal match.  Joining British Columbia in the final will be defending champion from 2007 Ontario who defeated Alberta 4-0 in the late morning session. British Columbia is guaranteed to improve their placement at the Games having finish 3rd at the last Games.

Following a 4-0 win over Saskatchewan, Northwest ensured that they would have their best results at the Games since their inception and will be facing Manitoba in what should be a great match. Manitoba defeated local team Nova Scotia in the final boys session of the day 4-0. Both teams will be squaring off in the morning session to determine 5th and 6th place at the 2011 Games.

The first girl session involved Manitoba and Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia got some redemption over Manitoba has their girls team defeated Manitoba 4-0 and will play for 5th place on Thursday. Nova Scotia will be playing Prince Edward Island in a rematch of the “battle of the Atlantic” as they defeated Northwest Territories 3-1. The last match determined the winner however after taking a 2-0 lead Nova Scotia, Dominique Jure of NWT battle to take the next two and bring back the teams to square one.  It was a battle in the fifth and final match with Nova Scotia having the upper hand 11-6,11-6,9-11,9-11, 11-7.  British Columbia booked their ticket to Thursday final with a win over Quebec 3-1.

The final match of the day featured Ontario and Alberta, with Ontario walking away with the win 3-1. Spectators were in for a threat has they were treated to some very good squash between player at the number position and junior squad member Danielle Letourneau (AB) and Hollie Naughton (ON). Danielle took an early 2-0 lead in games by making some great shots. However, in the third it was an all new Naughton coming in regroup and refocus taking the third game 11-5. In the fourth, Letourneau took an early lead but Naughton battled through and tied things up 5-5.  Both player than exchanged point and before you know it Naughton was serving for match ball, Letourneau was able to sustain the pressure and tie things up to 10 all. Unfortunately for her Naughton won the next two rallies to take the forth and tie match 2-2.  Naughton was able complete the come from behind win with a 11-7 win in the fifth to take the match 3-2.    

Final day Matchup


Gold Medal – Ontario vs British Columbia

Bronze Medal – Alberta vs Quebec

5th/6th place – Northwest Territories vs Manitoba

7th/8th place – Saskatchewan vs Nova Scotia

9th/10th – Yukon vs Prince Edward Island


Gold Medal – Ontario vs British Columbia

Bronze Medal – Alberta vs Quebec

5th/6th place –  Nova Scotia vs Prince Edward Island

7th/8th place – Manitoba vs Northwest Territories

9th/10th place –  Yukon vs Saskatchewan

Day 2 of Squash Competition at the Tower

The morni ng session at the Tower in Halifax was a bit quieter than day one as the morning session featured only two encounters. In the first encounter Ontario improved their overall record to 3-0 in pool A with a 4-0 win over Northwest Territories.  Devin Hinchey sat out the morning encounter against Michael McCue in order to threat an injury but was available for the evening session against Nova Scotia.  Online streaming of the squash competition started on the all glass court today featuring Saskatchewan and Yukon, Saskatchewan took home the 4-0 win and improved to a 1-2 record in pool B.

 The second morning session featured girls encounter in front of capacity crowd on court 2, 3 and 4 while the all glass court was packed and very loud involving the Atlantic province of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.  In the end, Nova Scotia defeated Prince Edward Island 3-1 for bragging right between the Atlantic Provinces and improved to a 1-1 record.  Second seed British Columbia improved to a 2-0 record in pool B with a 4-0 victory over Yukon. Quebec and Saskatchewan were treated to  a bit of camera time as RDS was on hand for the match; fourteen years old Chloe Chemtob started Quebec on the right foot and the team was able to build momentum of that win to claim that match 4-0. In the last girl session, Manitoba and Northwest Territories  were held to a draw as no winner could  be determine as team finished tied 2-2. Alix Younger of Manitoba had to sit out her encounter at the number one position with an injury and may be available to play tomorrow.

The evening session saw the boys take to the court and featured some very good matches.  In the Nova Scotia and Northwest Territories match the crowd was treated to some very good squash between both teams and specifically Chad Hinchey (NWT) and Matthew Sharpe (NS). Hinchey and Northwest Territories came out on top 4-0. In the next encounter, British Columbia faced Yukon and came up with a 4-0 victory to improve to a 3-0 record in Pool B.  Quebec also won their match against PEI to improve to a 2-0 record in Pool A and will face both Nova Scotia and Ontario on the last day of round robin play.  In the final boys encounter Alberta and Manitoba battled it out in some close matches with Alberta coming on top 3-1 to improve to a 3-0 record in Pool B.  Alberta and British Columbia will be playing each other tomorrow to determine who will finish atop of Pool B. 

In the final session of Day 2, third seed Alberta defeated Northwest Territories 4-0 to improve their record to 3-0 in pool B. In the second match top seed Ontario defeated Nova Scotia and bring their record in pool A to 2-0. In the final match of the day Quebec was faced with the task of taking on Prince Edward Island and their rowdy crowd. The match between the two was a very close battle with Quebec getting the upper hand with a 4-0 victory to improve to a 3-0 record in Pool A.

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Squash takes over St. Mary’s University Tower Facility

Today marked the first of many busy days at the Tower facility in Halifax for the 2011 Canada Winter Games. The first day of competition for Squash saw 80 players take to the court to play a total of 56 encounters on Day 1 of Competition. 

There were no surprises in the boys morning session whereas all the top seed all won their first encounters.  Ontario started the defense of their 2007 title in Whitehorse by defeating Prince Edward Island 4-0 in front of a very noisy crowd cheering on them team.  Quebec started their competition on the right foot with a win over Northwest Territories on the glass court with a 4-0 win. The tournament second seed British Columbia played Manitoba in their first encounter and came up with a 4-0 victory. In the final boys morning session, Alberta faced Saskatchewan and come out on top with a 4-0 win.

The second morning session saw the girl teams taking to court; with a marquee matchup between Manitoba and Alberta junior women squad member Alix Younger (MB) and Danielle Letourneau (AB) going the distance. In the end it was Letourneau who walked away with a 3-2 win. Alberta took home the win to start with a 1-0 record at the Games. In the second matchup, Prince Edward Island came out on top of tough match with Saskatchewan 4-0.  The last match of girls morning session saw Yukon take on their neighbors from the north. In the end it was Northwest Territories who walked away winners of the “battle of North” by a score of 4-0.

The first evening session saw the boys returning to the court at the Tower in Halifax. Nova Scotia fans and resident filled the bleachers of the St Mary’s University Tower gymnasium to cheer on their team against Ontario. Unfortunately for the local fans, team Ontario proved to be too strong and improved to a 2-0 record in pool A with a 4-0 victory.  Similar to Ontario, both second seed British Columbia and third seed Alberta improved their record in Pool B to 2-0, British Columbia with a 4-0 win over Saskatchewan while Alberta defeated Yukon in the final encounter of day 1 for the boys’ competition. The boys round robin play will resume on Monday morning at 9:00am.

The second girl’s session of the day completed day 1 of competition for squash at the Tower facility. In the first encounter of the session local fans from Nova Scotia filled the stands to cheer on their team against fourth seed Quebec. Nova Scotia took the first encounter of the match; however Quebec came back to win the next three and take the match away 3-1. Alix Younger of Manitoba was involved in another key matchup this evening that again went the distance against Abbey Foster from British Columbia. Foster was able to comeback from a 1-2 deficit against Younger and won the match 3-2. The second seed, British Columbia took home the win 4-0 to earn their first win of the event.  Third seed Alberta improved to a 2-0 record in round robin play with a 4-0 win over Yukon.  Similar to the boys team from Ontario, the girls started the defense of their 2007 title in Whitehorse with 4-0 win over Saskatchewan.

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Ontario top seed for 2011 Canada Games squash tournament

Halifax – Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta, are seeded in the top-three positions for both the men’s and women’s team squash tournaments at the 2011 Canada Games which are set to begin on Sunday February 13th,2011.

In women’s competition, the defending champions Ontario is seeded number-one with national junior squad members Hollie Naughton of Oakville and Michelle Gemmell of Toronto, playing in the last two positions will be Alyssa Mehta also of Toronto and Jillian Baker of Aurora.

“We are very excited to be part of the games as it is a once in a life time experience” said Naughton who finished 1st at this year Canadian Junior Open in GU17 division. “ Although we are a young team and face tough competition as number one seed we are determined to bring back gold”.

British Columbia is seeded number-two with national junior squad members Nicole Bunyan of Victoria and Abbey Foster of North Vancouver; while Brynn Daniels and Lindsay Seginson of Victoria will play in the three and four position.

Rounding out the Top 3 is Alberta, with national junior team squad member Danielle Letourneau of Calgary who was recently crowned the 2010 Canadian Junior Open Champion in the GU19 division. Sisters Heather and Emma Yong from Calgary will be playing in the number two and three position respectively while Evelyn Moorhouse also of Calgary will play at number four.

Ranked from four through ten are: Quebec, Nova Scotia, Northwest Territories, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan and Yukon.

In men’s team competition, Ontario is the defending Games champion and seeded number-one. World junior team member Tyler Osborne of Kingston leads the charge with fellow national junior squad members Michael McCue of Sudbury, Joshua Sekhar of Toronto and Cameron Seth of Fergus.

“Our goal is to win gold once again at the Canada Winter Games; our team is confident and ready for competition said Osborne who was recently crowned champion at the 2010 Scottish Junior Open. “We will have to play well, and stay focused because there are some strong teams competing for this title.  Hopefully we will have some time to enjoy being part of the Winter Games and see the sights that Halifax has to offer”.

British Columbia is seeded second with national junior squad member Tyler Olson of Victoria and Zachary Leman of Surrey and rounding out the team of four are Michael Thompson of Vancouver and Mackenzie Foster of North Vancouver.

Alberta is the number three seed with national junior squad member Tyler Lee of Edmonton; rounding out the team are Cale Williams, Jason Field and Adrian DeVries all of Calgary.

Ranked four to ten are Quebec, Northwest Territories, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Yukon.

‘’For most of the athletes, participating at the Canada Games will be the highlight of their athletic careers.  This event brings together players from all over Canada and is a great showcase for the sport of Squash our athletes, coaches and officials who will be participating this coming week”, said Executive Director Danny Da Costa of Squash Canada.    

Round robin action runs from Sunday February 13th to February 15th, 2011 while the crossover round is scheduled for February 16th, 2011 and the placement matches are set for February 17th, 2011 with the gold medal matches starting at 3:30 p.m., with the women’s final followed by the men’s final at 6:30pm.

Note that squash will be showcased daily through webcast at the following address: www. bellaliant.net/canadagames.  In order to access the webcast schedule please click here

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