Ontario’s Yen-Chun Lu Wins Gold Medal for Table Tennis Boys’ Singles

It was a battle of the top 2 seeds.  Ontario’s Yen-Chun Lu and Zexuan Wang have already won the gold medal in the team event and boys’ double.  Now, they will square off against each other in the gold medal match for boys’ singles.

Zexuan starts the match off strong by building leads of 3-1 and 6-2.  Yen-Chun is not able to make up ground during the game as Zexuan wins game 1, 11-4.  Now, its Yen-Chun strong play to take leads of 4-1 and 8-2.  The 8-2 lead is too big for Zexuan to overcome and Yen-Chun wins 11-6 in game 2.  With the match tied 1-1 and the gold medal awaiting the winner, the intensity goes up a couple notches.

Game 3 starts and Yen-Chun starts out up 3-0.  Zexuan fights back and takes a 9-6 lead.  Yen-Chun wins the next 2 points to make it 9-8 for Zexuan.  With Zexuan feeling the pressure, he takes a time out.  It proves to be a good move as Zexuan is able to win the game 11-9 and take a 2-1 game lead in the match.

Zexuan takes a 6-1 lead in the 4th game and it looks like he is well on his way to the gold medal.  Yen-Chun, the one that shows more outward intensity, wins 7 out of the next 8 points to take a 8-7 lead.  Zexuan wins the next point to tie it at 8 but Yen-Chun wins the next 3 points to win 11-8 in game 4.  The match is now tied 2-2 and it is all down to one game and the winner takes the well earned gold medal.  At this point, the crowd is well aware that these 2 athletes are as evenly matched as the score shows.

In the final game, Yen-Chun builds a 8-4 lead.  Zexuan has the next 2 serves and Yen-Chun is unable to return either of them.  Zexuan wins the next point when his last shot touches the net and Yen-Chun is unable to make the adjustment to return it.  The score now is 8-7.  Five points later, the match ends with a score of 11-8 and Yen-Chun, the top see, wins the gold medal in the 5th and deciding set.

In the end, the large and appreciative crowd got their monies worth out of the match and Yen-Chun Lu got his third gold medal of the 2011 Halifax Canada Games.

Teammates from British Columbia played for the bronze medal match in boys’ singles.  They were Adrian Lee and Jeremy Lau.  Similar to the gold medal match, the bronze medal match went to the 5th and deciding set to determine the winner.  Adrian took control the match by winning the first 2 games with scores of 11-7 and 11-9.  Jeremy was able to level the match at 2 by winning the next 2 games 14-12 and 11-8.  In the 5th game, Adrian Lee was able to win 11-5 and win the bronze medal.


Shirley Fu wins Gold Medal in Table Tennis Girls’ Singles

The gold medal final for girls’ singles was a matchup of the top seed from British Columbia, Shirley Fu against the giant killer from Quebec, Annie Coulombe.  Annie has beaten the 2nd and 3rd seeds in the quarters and semi’s respectively to be a surprise finalist.

Shirley took control of the first game by going up 5-1 early and taking game 1 by a score of 11-4.  In the second, it was Annie’s turn to go up 5-1 but, unlike Shirley, was not able to hold the lead and lost 11-7. Annie showed she was a fighter in the 3rd game digging balls far away from the table and not giving Shirley any easy points.  Annie was up 10-6 but Fu saved 3 game points to make it 10-9.  Annie was able to win the next point and extend the match to the 4th game with a 11-9 victory in game 3.  Shirley’s experience proved to be too much for Annie as she was able to win the 4th game 11-1 and take home the gold for British Columbia. 

Fu said she was “excited, I feel so accomplished now” when asked about her performance at the 2011 Halifax Canada Games where she won 3 medals including 2 gold medals.

Annie, the 14 year old from Quebec and the 11th seed to start the tournament had nothing to hang her head about as she showed great fight, potential and also had 2 of the biggest upsets of the tournament.

The bronze medal match between Alberta’s Roxana Pao and Jiawei Liu from Ontario was an exciting one.  Pao came back from being down 2 games to 1 to win the last 2 games by scores of 11-4 and 11-8 to score a 3-2 victory and win the bronze medal for Alberta.

Target Shooting Competitions Come to an End

From left, Emma Meulankamp of Newfoundland and Labrador, Danielle Marcotte of Yukon and Caroline Sims of Manitoba pose with their medal in women's individual air pistol at the 2011 Canada Games in Halifax

The men’s and women’s air pistol individual matches provided a lot of excitement, especially during the finals.

Qualifying rounds revealed the 8 competitors with the highest scores (male and female events). The purpose of the finals is to determine the three medal winners.

As part of the finals, each athlete shoots at ten targets. Athletes must wait for the signal from the Chief of Range. They have 75 seconds to take one shot. After each round of shots, the targets of all the shooters are collected and points are counted immediately. This goes on until all 10 shots have been fired. Results are announced and visible on the scoreboard. The crowd went wild every time a score was over ten points!

Dave Garrett was the Chief of Range and Harvey Lavigne acted as jury member.

After a heated battle (in the final), Danielle Marcotte from the Yukon team won the gold medal with a grand total of  466.2, followed by Emma Meulankamp of Newfoundland and Labrador with a score of 459.0. Caroline Sims from Manitoba won the bronze medal with a total of 455.6. Marcotte and Meulankamp beat the Canada Games record in the individual event while Sims tied the old record. The new record is now 372.0 points (calculated before the final). Marcotte also beat the finals record (now 466.2).


Francis Le Sieur of Quebec: Gold medal – 646.7

Jordan Akow of Ontario: Silver – 643.4

Peter Schulze of Alberta: Bronze – 642.1

No tie-breakers were required during today’s event.

The athletes, coaches, and event officials wish to thank all the Sackville High School volunteers for the monumental assistance they provided this week to ensure the success of the target shooting event. Let us not forget the volunteer drivers who always got us to the site on time.

Thank you very much for the great games. The athletes and all the other contributors are going home to their province or territory with excellent memories including some who are wearing medals around their neck.

You are all invited to Quebec for the summer of 2013 Canada Games!

Target Shooting – Air Rifle – Men’s and Women’s Finals

The finalists are presented in the women's air rifle final at the 2011 Canada Games in Halifax

A total of 18 women competed this morning in the air rifle qualifying round to determine who would move on to the final. The final, which began at 1:30 p.m. and included the top 8 positions (women with the most points), was very exciting.

The 8 finalists were introduced to the crowd and then proceeded to shoot at the ten targets taking a single shot per target. Each participant must wait for the Chief of Range’s command before taking her shot. Each target was read for each participant once the ten women had taken their shot. Results were immediately available and visible to the audience on the scoreboard. Participants wait for instructions before taking their second shot and so on until each one has taken ten shots.

The gold medal was awarded to Aerial Arthur of Saskatchewan who obtained an additional 103.7 points in the final for a grand total of 486.7 points. The silver medal went to Connor Deneka of Manitoba (486 points) and Cassandra Wilson-Anderson (484.1) took the bronze. In fourth place, Ashley Knockwood from New-Brunswick finished with 483.1, a difference of only 1 point with the bronze medal score!

The same number of shooters took part in the men’s event (air rifle). Among the 8 finalists, Mack Kohl from Saskatchewan stood out with a grand total of 680.5 points to win the gold medal. Christopher Baldwin of Ontario took the silver medal with a total of 679.0 points. Ben Taylor from Newfoundland and Labrador won the bronze.

See the results:  http://cg2011.gems.pro/Result/Event_PO_I_S.aspx?Event_GUID=8dc4a3a8-71fc-4626-91f2-53a4ed3d1408&SetLanguage=fr-CA&SetLanguage=fr-CA and 


Tie-Breakers Determine Men and Women Team Air Pistol Finals

Sisters Danielle and Kyley Marcotte of Yukon (centre) win gold in the women's team air pistol competition at the 2011 Canada Games in Halifax. Silver went to Kathleen Auton and Erin Beckett of BC (left) and taking home the bronze was Caroline Sims and Tanis Milan of Manitoba

Another very exciting day at the team air pistol competitions, which ended for the second time with head-to-head winners of the silver and gold medals!

The male air pistol team from Ontario, comprised of athletes Jordan Akow and Matthew Kao, won the gold medal following a tie-breaker. Their total score was 1073 on 120 targets.

Taking the silver medal, Quebec (Francis Le Sieur and Sébastien Arseneault) also finished with a total of 1073 points.

Alberta (Peter Shulze and Kendyll McIlroy) took the bronze medal with a total of 1056 points.

The female air pistol team from the Yukon, comprised of Danielle Marcotte and her sister Kyley Marcotte, won the gold medal following a tie-breaker. Their total score was 710 on 80 targets.

Taking the silver medal, British Columbia (Kathleen Auton and Erin Beckett) also finished with a total of 710 points.

Manitoba (Caroline Sims and Tanis Milne) took the bronze medal with a total of 695 points.

To view the results of today’s competitions, see the following Web sites: http://cg2011.gems.pro/Result/Event_PO_T_O.aspx?Event_GUID=f14cb587-13c1-43c4-94da-83a0fcd84b3f&SetLanguage=fr-CA&SetLanguage=fr-CA and http://cg2011.gems.pro/Result/Event_PO_T_O.aspx?Event_GUID=338145ec-b04f-4177-9d09-60335cdb8ed2&SetLanguage=fr-CA&SetLanguage=fr-CA

Wednesday, you can watch the individual female preliminary air rifle competition starting at 9 a.m. followed by the individual male event at 10:45. Finals in these categories will take place at 1:30 p.m. (female) and 2:15 p.m. (male). This event is being held at Sackville High School in Nova Scotia.

Men and Women’s Team Air Rifle Events

Ontario (gold - centre), Saskatchewan (silver - left) and Newfoudland and Labrador (bronze) receive their medals in the Men's Team Ari Rifle event at the 2011 Canada Games in Halifax

The male and female team air rifle events were held today at Sackville High School.

The Manitoba female air rifle team won the bronze medal, the Quebec team won the silver medal and the Saskatchewan team took the gold.

Saskatchewan: Cassandra Wilson-Anderson and Aerial Arthur – Total 788 points on 80 targets.

Quebec: Audrey-Anne Déry and Rosemarie Rajotte – Total 759 points on 80 targets.

Manitoba: Connor Deneka and Heather McCrea – Total 757 points on 80 targets.

The team from Saskatchewan broke the Canada Games record with a total of 788 points. The previous record dated back to the 1999 Games (a total of 754 points set by the team from Alberta).

The Newfoundland and Labrador male air rifle team won the bronze medal, the team from Saskatchewan took the silver medal and the Ontario team won the gold.

Ontario: Kyle Jackson and Christopher Baldwin – Total of 1130 points on 120 targets

Saskatchewan: Mack Kohl and Clayton Scholosser – Total of 1130 points on 120 targets

Newfoundland and Labrador: Ben Taylor and Jason Harnum – Total of 1128 points on 120 targets

The tie broken by countback (between the teams who both accumulated 1130 points) was determined by calculating the highest number of total points on the last ten targets for each shooter on each of the teams. In this case, the Ontario team had a total of 192 points on the last 20 targets (10+10) while the total for Saskatchewan was 188 points on the same targets.

See complete results: http://cg2011.gems.pro/Result/Event_PO_T_O.aspx?Event_GUID=f14cb587-13c1-43c4-94da-83a0fcd84b3f&SetLanguage=fr-CA&SetLanguage=fr-CA and http://cg2011.gems.pro/Result/Event_PO_T_O.aspx?Event_GUID=338145ec-b04f-4177-9d09-60335cdb8ed2&SetLanguage=fr-CA&SetLanguage=fr-CA

The male as well as the female air pistol finals will be held on Tuesday, February 15th. The event will begin at 9 a.m. at Sackville High School.

Getting ready for competition in target shooting

Saturday was very busy for athletes and officials in target shooting. Athletes had to go through the equipment inspection (rifles and pistols, boots, gloves, goggles, jackets, pants, etc) to make sure everything is compliant with official rules. The athletes also had a chance to train.

Today the athletes will train with time restrictions. International Shooting Sports Federation Rules will govern all shooting competition. The athletes are relaxed and looking forward to meet and compete against their counterparts from other provinces and territories.

Competition will start Monday at 9:00 AM, at Sackville High School with riffle events for men and women.