Community Engagements

The official Canada Games flag will visit each past Host Community of the Canada Games in the lead up to the Opening Ceremonies for the 2011 Canada Winter Games in Halifax, Nova Scotia from February 11-27, 2011.

As part of the Canada Games Council’s (CGC) alumni engagement initiatives, the CGC is working to engage all past Canada Games Host Communities in the celebration of the upcoming Canada Games.

The official Canada Games flag, to be flown at the Opening Ceremonies in Halifax on February 11, 2011, will be with each past Canada Games Host Community for a total of three days before being sent to the next community, similar to Halifax’s Provincial Torch Relay.

“This is an excellent opportunity to unite all Canadians in the celebration that is the Canada Games,” says Tom Quinn, Chairman of the Canada Games Council.  “Past hosts will be able to show their involvement and pride with the Canada Games and show off the legacy the Games has left in their community while spreading the excitement for the 2011 Games.”

A map of Canada will be created on the CGC’s website so the public can view the location of the flag with photos, stories, quotes and videos provided by each community of their time with the flag.

Activities planned by past host communities include raising the flag at City Hall, organizing a Canada Games Day, memorializing a facility that was touched by the Canada Games and  recognizing local athletes going to the 2011 Games.

The flag will begin its journey in Whitehorse, Yukon, host of the 2007 Canada Winter Games on December 3rd and work its way East until it arrives in Halifax on February 10th, the day prior to the Opening Ceremonies.

Here is the route the flag will take in the lead up to the 2011 Canada Winter Games in Halifax as well as the complete travel schedule of the official Canada Games flag:

  Canada Games Flag will be in your Community:
Past Canada Games Host Community From: To:
2007 – Canada Winter Games – Whitehorse, YK 3-Dec-10 6-Dec-10
1995 – Canada Winter Games – Grande Prairie, AB 6-Dec-10 9-Dec-10
1993 – Canada Summer Games – Kamloops, B.C. 9-Dec-10 12-Dec-10
1973 – Canada Summer Games – New Westminster/Burnaby, B.C. 12-Dec-10 15-Dec-10
1975 – Canada Winter Games – Lethbridge, AB 15-Dec-10 18-Dec-10
1971/1989 – Canada Winter/Summer Games – Saskatoon, SK 18-Dec-10 21-Dec-10
The Canada Games Flag will break for the holidays 22-Dec-10 4-Jan-11
2005 – Canada Summer Games – Regina, SK 5-Jan-11 8-Jan-11
1979/1997 – Canada Winter/Summer Games – Brandon, MB 8-Jan-11 11-Jan-11
1981 – Canada Summer Games – Thunder Bay, ON 11-Jan-11 14-Jan-11
2001 – Canada Summer Games – London, ON 14-Jan-11 17-Jan-11
1967 – First Canada Winter Games – Quebec City, QC 17-Jan-11 20-Jan-11
1985 – Canada Summer Games – Saint John, NB 20-Jan-11 23-Jan-11
2003 – Canada Winter Games – Bathurst-Campbellton, NB 23-Jan-11 26-Jan-11
1983 – Canada Winter Games – Saguenay-Lac St. Jean, QC 26-Jan-11 29-Jan-11
1977 – Canada Summer Games – St. John’s, NL 29-Jan-11 1-Feb-11
1999 – Canada Winter Games – Corner Brook, NL 1-Feb-11 4-Feb-11
1987 – Canada Winter Games – Cape Breton County, NS 4-Feb-11 7-Feb-11
1991 / 2009 – Canada Winter/Summer Games – Prince Edward Island 7-Feb-11 10-Feb-11
1969 / 2011 – First Canada Summer Games – Halifax/Dartmouth, NS 10-Feb-11 11-Feb-11

To follow the flag’s journey across Canada, visit the Canada Games website at, the Canada Games Facebook page at or the Canada Games blog at


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